PTML Booms As Vehicle Importation Soars

A cross section of imported fairly used vehicles at the popular Berger Automobile market along Apapa Oshodi expressway, Lagos on Thursday last week

From all indications, activities seem to have picked up at the Ports &Terminal Multipurpose Limited (PTML) as the number of vehicles coming into the country through that terminal has increased.

When Shipping Position Daily visited the port last week, already cleared vehicles mostly damaged ones were seen leaving the premises to their owners.

One of the clearing agents, who gave his name as Mr. Toochukwu Nwaigbo, said that those were the vehicles that were cleared within the last few days.

“What you are seeing here are some of the vehicles from the ship that came in some days ago. It is just a normal thing, this is how it is most times”, he said.

Also speaking, a maritime expert who pleaded anonymity said that most of the damaged vehicles coming into the country are from the flood incidences in the USA.

“When there was this flood in America, I told people that within two or three months you will see damaged cars coming into the country; it is as simple as that. The whole world is like a village and it goes to where it can be accepted. When you say damaged good what is the extent of the damage. What is the tariff of the vehicle they look at it and follow the tariff? Because if it is favorable I will import damaged vehicles and also import the parts because it is cheaper for me here”, he said.