Why we’re packaging 19th Abuja Motor Fair — BKG boss

The annual Abuja International Motor Fair will hold at the old Parade Ground Abuja from October 21 to 27, 2018.

According to the Chairman of the organising committee; Mr. Ifeanyichukwu Agwu, the event which is the 19th edition, is targeted at boosting investments in the sector, which despite the myriad challenges is set to seriously assume its rightful place as a key sector that drives socio-economic development. According to Agwu, “the platform of this edition has been packaged to focus the attention of government on the importance of urgently addressing the current challenges in the sector so as to use it to drive the nation’s economic diversification policy”. In a chat with the press over the weekend, Agwu, who is also the Managing Director of BKG Exhibitions Limited, organizers of the event, said efforts have been deployed to ensure that through the event, the sector receives the needed support from the government and private sector to enhance its rapid development. “We are packaging a show that will harness existing and potential investment opportunities that abound in the Nigerian automotive industry, which we believe, are very attractive to existing and prospective investors,” he added.

According to him, this edition is set to provide the litmus test for the shape of things in the industry with the current paradigm shift in the economy and most importantly, the automotive sector. “The quality and quantity of automobiles are undoubtedly the primary yardsticks of measuring the success of any auto exhibition. This means auto enterprises at any exhibition must ensure visibility, wholeness and completeness, not leaving anything to chance. These will be highly on display at the Eagle Square, Abuja between October 21 and October 27, 2018 under the auspices of the Abuja International Motor fair”, he said adding “With our reach, high powered delegations from the Federal Government, executives of states and local governments as well as many corporate heads and organizations across the nation, have been invited to visit the mundial.

“In our continuous drive to add value, this edition is a total package of all that the automotive and road transport sub sectors offer. The bus and truck segment of the event has been packaged to draw special attention to manufacturers and or dealers in trucks, buses, spare parts, accessories, equipment, components, logistics, body works, SPV’s etc. as Abuja and neighboring states even countries, are good markets for these products and services. The ripple effects of the reinvigorated auto policy have no doubt left the sector in a non - enviable state, but it has also made it stronger and better placed to attain the expected height sooner than expected with support from the government. There is no better forum to showcase this than the Abuja International Motor Fair and virtually all the brands available in Nigeria are going to be showcased at the show. They are poised to show that they are all ready to play big in the new era”.