Sales Gradually Picking Up At Berger Automobile Market 

While vehicles importers and agents are gradually experiencing increase in the number of vehicles coming into the country, dealers at the popular automobile market are also smiling to the bank as they have acknowledged a slight increase in the number of vehicles that they sell daily.

One of the dealers at African biggest automobile market; Nonso Ikeagwughi, told Shipping Position Daily last week that though it might be too early to judge if sales have improved or not, there is a slight increase compared to what they observed   in the previous   months .

He said that every market has its season and this is mostly the season for automobile dealers as so many persons would like to go home this December with a vehicle.

“We are gradually entering the season for vehicle dealers; also coupled with the election next year so from all indications, it seems sales will be higher this season. You know this is electoral season where people use cars for gifts just to seek for election positions, and some also buy for campaigns. We have already started noticing that, but we are expecting more of that”

Explaining further, Nonso who decried the bad state of the roads in front of the automobile market also said that despite the deplorable state of the roads, customers still find time to come and patronize the market.

“We are passing through a lot here, as you can see, the roads here are very dirty and all that, trucks everywhere, bad road and all that but people still find time to come and patronize us. You can now imagine what it would have been if the roads are goods, we are appealing to the government to please come to our rescue and save our business from collapsing. When the roads were good we know what our sales used to be.

We are tired of complaining about this road issue, it seems they have abandoned this place, we know how much we contribute in terms of employment and all that but still the government seems to be adamant to our plights”, he lamented.

One of the agents, who pleaded to be anonymous, complained that before now when the roads were good, they sell more vehicles from September than now.

“There used to be lots of sales as from September every year when this road was in a good shape, unlike what we observe now. Now people hardly come, they are scared of the bad roads and containers falling off the trucks.  A couple of weeks ago, a 40ft container entered into one of the dealers stand but thank God it didn’t destroy anything. It would have been a very big damage because they man deals with latest models of exotic SUVs”, he concluded.