Activities Pick Up At Berger Automobile Market As Sallah Approaches

Investigations have shown that commercial activities in the African biggest automobile market; Berger Auto Market   on the Apapa Oshodi expressway   have picked up few days to the Sallah celebrations by Muslim faithfuls .

When Shipping Position Daily visited the popular market last week, there were a large number of customers in the marketing checking up one vehicle or the other to buy.

One of the dealers, who gave his name as Mr. Jude Obidiegwu, told our correspondent that the market is always like this when it is approaching this time of the year, as many people come in to purchase one brand of vehicle or the other for the celebrations.

Even though Jude expressed dissatisfaction that the activities were not as big as it is used to be in the past, he also said that it is better than what was observed last year.

“It is a normal thing, a lot of people will come to buy new cars for the Sallah celebration, some buy for their family member and loved ones, and others even buy to change the old ones they had before. But activities are still not the way it is used to be in the past before this current administration, days like this there used to be higher sales than what we are witnessing today. But all the same we are still grateful to God that there are still sales”

Explaining further he said that some of them have not made sales for a long time now.

“Some of us here hardly sale except on periods like this, some people have not made any sale for the past 6month now so this is usually a very big opportunity for them to make some sales. Dealers of trucks hardly make sales because it is not a normal vehicle that one can use for private purpose” he concluded.

A car agent, Mr. Chinonso Stainless, said for agents they always look forward to period this as the business normally booms.

According to him, “For some month now I have not made any sale it is really difficult here, and as agents we are only paid commission on each sale. So it has not really been easy so we always look forwarding to seeing celebrations like this so that we can make small money” he said.