Auto Dealer Says High Volume Of Importation Of Damaged Cars Affect Them

An automobile dealer; Mr. Donald Isaac, has said that the high influx of accident cars into the country as one of the major causes of the low sales auto dealers are experiencing lately.In a chat with Mr. Isaac last week at Tin Can ports, he told Shipping Position Daily that because of the economic situation of the country, customers prefer to buy the imported accident cars at a very cheaper price and repair them instead of buying the normal ones at a very high price.According him, the rate of vehicles coming into the country is high but the rate of people buying is very low, he maintained that most of them coming into the country are accident cars.He also maintained that although exchange rate has dropped and prices of vehicles have also dropped, people are still complaining that the prices are still high.“For now, sales are very low; the rates at which people import vehicles is very high and most of them are accident cars and it is terribly affecting our business especially for some us that do not deal with damaged cars. People prefer to buy those damaged cars at a very low rate, repair the cars before using, rather than going for fairly new cars at a higher price”He also said that before now at Tin Can, they used to record at least 15-20 cars sold in a week but now the reverse is the case as sales have dropped below 10 cars in a week.“Although the exchange rate is dropping and the prices of vehicles are coming down, people are still complaining of high prices. The customs with their numerous tariffs are not helping us at all. Before now, we used to sell at least, 15-20 cars in a week and most of them are Toyota products but now, in a week if we sell up to 10 cars, we will be very grateful. The situation is really very bad for this business now”, he concluded.