Car Business Is Gradually Dying In Nigeria---Dealer

A car importer and seller; Mr. Nnamdi Ndubueze, has said that with so many challenges facing the automobile industry, the business may soon go into extinction.The dealer, in a chat in Lagos, he said that the automobile sector is experiencing an unprecedented time since the history of Nigeria, even as he revealed that people are leaving the business to look for something else to do.He said that the most worrisome part of the whole situation is that the people you feel that are not supposed to be complaining about the situation are the people complaining the most.He said that everything that has to do with vehicle importation into the country are on the high side, starting from the freight rate, exchange rate, customs clearing, and others.He also maintained that people who are determined to buy cars now go for Nigeria-used vehicles instead of the imported fairly used.“Freight rate and everything that has to do with vehicles coming onto the country is on the high side now. People no go for Nigerian used instead of the fairly used vehicles coming from Europe. Many people have dumped the business to try their hands in other things. Some have chosen to travel outside the country and getting visa is not also as easy as one thinks. So the business is gradually dying here in Nigeria”, he said.Reacting to the lack of parking spaces at Berger automobile market, he blamed that on the high inflow of vehicles into the country and low sales of the ones that are already in the park.“On the lack of parking space at Berger, I think it is caused because there are so many vehicles coming into the country and the ones that are here are yet to be sold.  You know it is very easy and cheap to buy all these vehicles over there and bring them back here. The major challenges importers are having in here in Nigeria from the ports demands everywhere immediately you get to the Nigerian ports. So it is easier for importers to bring in the vehicles these are the reasons why dealers are complaining of no parking space, he concluded.