South Africa Customs Confiscates 26 Used Illegal Cars 

The South African Revenue Services’ (SARS)  Customs Unit has confiscated 26 used cars and other goods that have been brought into the country illegally.

The vehicles with an estimated value of about R3.5 million were destroyed at the SARS warehouse in Phoenix, north of Durban.

SARS Acting Chief Officer of Customs and Excise, Beyers Theron, says their operations against illicit trade will be extended to other provinces.

“We have intensified efforts on the illicit economy. So, we started off in Durban with a inter agency to the illicit economy over the past three days, and we are moving this operation. Although we are also active in other areas over the country, we are moving these operations to Gauteng and Limpopo. We have intensified there as well, usually around port areas and then Gauteng.”

Theron had a stern warning for those who are tempted to buy illegally imported cars.

“If you are interested in buying a second hand vehicle my advice to you is don’t go there, because you will lose your vehicle and you will not get your vehicle registered without proper permits… and there are other requirements that you have to comply with. In essence, if we catch you we take your vehicle and you lose money so, rather not go there” he said.