Tin-Can Auto Dealers Lament High Price of Parking Space

A cross section of fairly used cars at Berger Automobile Market in Lagos recently


All seems not to be very fine for some automobile dealers at Tin-Can Island Port first gate along Apapa-Oshodi expressway as they have lamented inadequate parking space for their vehicles.

 The dealers said that due to inadequate parking space, they are compelled to pay exorbitant charges to be able to display their vehicles.When Shipping Position Daily visited the area last week, some of the dealers who were seen hanging around complained that they are forced to pay heavily on daily basis for them to be able to park their vehicles for display.

 One of the dealers, who simply identified himself as Mr. Ibukun, said that on daily basis, auto dealers are asked to pay a minimum of N2, 000. 

“We are going through a lot of stress here, on daily basis, we are asked to pay at least N2, 000 per vehicles then you multiply it by the number of vehicles you have in the stand. Where we are even parking is a private owned property and not a government property” 

 “|And if you mistakenly park along the road some staff of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) will tough the car and you will have to bail it. These are some of the challenges we are having here” he lamented

 Another dealer who pleaded anonymity told our correspondent that, these charges were some of the factors contributing to determine the price of a car.

 “There are so many reasons why vehicles are expensive in this part of the world especially here in Nigeria. You will buy the vehicles from abroad with ease and bring it into this country, and immediately the vehicles lands in this country, charges will start coming from everywhere”

 “After paying your customs duty which is sometimes more expensive than the amount you bought the car, you will still be paying for parking space, pay for security and also for the people that are cleaning the car”

 “If you multiply the amount you have spent on parking space alone, you will discover that you have little or nothing left as your gain. It is very bad”.