Why People Prefer Toyota Corolla To Others

For five decades now, Toyota Corolla has ruled its segment without looking back. From a small compact car 51 years ago the Toyota Corolla has grown to become a class benchmark in every ramification, setting the pace in its segment in terms of quality, safety, comfort and driveability. The durability, dependability, and reliability of the Corolla have endeared it to many all these years making it the preferred choice of many buyers in its segment.


When Shipping Position Daily conducted a research on why car users prefer the brand to other brands, some described it as amazing brand will little maintenance cost.


Mr. Johnpaul Ejiogu, an Estate Surveyor described Corolla as an amazing car. “If you use a Toyota Corolla 2004 especially, you will not like to use any other car again. In terms of maintenance cost, fuel consumption, comfort, durability, Corolla has no rival. Toyota took its time to build the car. I have used different cars like, Honda, Peugeot, Ford, amongst others, but there is none like a Toyota Corolla” 


“Not only that the fuel consumption is low, it is also very strong that can last for years if properly taken care of. As far as you have a good mechanic for it, and the good side is that a road side mechanic can fix it and the parts are available and cheap, it will last for you. The air conditioning system is working very well. I have known peace since I started using a 2004 Toyota Corolla since last year”, he said.


A visit to the popular Berger automobile market in Lagos, a car dealer explained why Corolla is the most sought-after car model. 


Mr. Poto Odogwu, a car dealer said, “Corolla is the most reliable of all the models we are selling. More than 50% of our buyers daily will always asked for a Toyota product especially Corolla 2004 model. There was even a day somebody came and bought over 20 pieces of a particular Toyota brand. It can last just like Peugeot but it last longer than Peugeot. No other car has this record. Toyota models are reliable but Corolla has no equal. But recently, people because of the economic situation of the country patronizes cheaper cars like Nissan more than Toyota Corolla” 


Speaking further, he said, “I am even looking for Toyota Corolla 2004 to buy because the demand is high and I don’t have it again in my stand”. 

Another fan; Mr. Emma Anyebe has this to say about Corolla: “Driving has always been my hubby but driving a Toyota Corolla makes me enjoy it the more. I like the products especially, its portability and low fuel consumption. A fuel tank takes me to Asaba with full Air Conditioner”.