BIMCO Activates Covid-19 Contingency Plan – All Services Still Available

The Danish Government is taking new measures against Covid-19. Until 27 March, all public servants in non-critical jobs have been sent home, all educational institutions, schools and day care facilities are closed, and indoor gatherings have been limited to 100 people. Furthermore, the government has urged all private companies to have as many people as possible working from home, among other things, to slow down the spread of the virus.

As a result, BIMCO has activated its contingency plan to ensure that all BIMCO services will continue over the coming weeks and be able to support the industry in this difficult time

BIMCO has invested substantially in cloud-based technology and phone systems over the past years, which enables BIMCO staff to seamlessly work from remote sites.

BIMCO sees it as critical that the industry has access to reliable information and advice at this time, and will prioritise that effort.

SmartCon support and the Support & Advice helpdesk are available as normal.

BIMCO will continue to update its webpage with information relevant to shipping companies and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as its regular updates on the shipping market, maritime security etc.

However, face to face meeting activity will be curtailed and replaced with online meetings. All business travel by BIMCO staff is cancelled until further notice.

No BIMCO staff have, at this point, been diagnosed with COVID-19.