Volkswagen’s First LNG-Powered Car Carrier Arrives In US

CAPTION: FILE PHOTO: The Volkswagen Group-owned first LNG-fuelled car carrier; Siem Confucius       

Volkswagen Group said it welcomed its first LNG-fuelled car carrier in the US Port of Davisville, Rhode Island.

The Siem Confucius left Emden, Germany on June 16 to embark on its maiden voyage, which includes one stop in the US.

In addition to its visit to Davisville, the car carrier will make a stop in Veracruz, Mexico in advance of its return route to Emden.

This is the first of two LNG-powered vessels the German giant chartered from Siem Car Carriers to replace its conventional heavy oil-powered ships.

Both ships have 13 car decks and the capacity to carry up to 4,800 Volkswagen vehicles at a time.

The vessels feature two LNG tanks with a capacity of 1,800 cubic meters, each.

Volkswagen will use both of the ships on the trans-Atlantic route, so-called America Round Tour, from Emden to Mexico.

The second vessel Siem Aristotle will embark on its maiden voyage later this year.

With these two vessels, Volkswagen becomes the first automaker to use LNG-powered ships in long-distance overseas distribution of cars and light vehicles.