ANALYSIS: What Does The Law Say About Face Masks In South Africa, Nigeria And Kenya?

 By Africa Check Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many countries now require people to wear face masks in public. We examine how these regulations differ, and whether it’s a punishable crime to be caught unmasked.

Street scenes and shopping malls have changed across Africa. In a matter of weeks communities have adopted a new defence in the fight against Covid-19: face masks. 

Health authorities and governments around the world have urged people not to buy and wear medical masks to avoid creating a shortage for those who need them most – health workers.

But with the available evidence suggesting that simple cloth masks can play a role in slowing the spread of the new coronavirus, many authorities have taken to instructing citizens to mask up when outdoors. 

But how do the regulations differ? And is it a crime to not wear a mask in public? Africa Check team members in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya investigated.