Warm Vs Cold Water: One Of Them Is Damaging To Your Health

Most people reach for a cup of coffee or a cold cup of water right upon waking up. But, it turns out that in order to get the most benefits of drinking liquid in the morning you should enjoy a warm cup of water instead. Multiple studies have shown that drinking warm water on an empty stomach offers a wide plethora of health benefits and is one of the best ways to jump-start your day for maximum productivity. 

Here's a short list outlining some of those health benefits: Warm Water Vs. Cold Water: One Of Them Is Damaging To Your Health

1.    It Relieves Pain - Drinking warm water has the ability to reduce swelling in the throat, which in turn provides a temporary pain relief. It indeed works wonders for irritated and dry throats, too. This is especially useful during mornings when you wake up with a dry throat which causes you pain as you swallow. Amazingly, a notable improvement can be experienced after taking the first sip of warm water. Ultimately, warm water also soothes cramps by relaxing the muscles of the stomach.


 2. Improves Bowel Movements - A study done by the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility has shown that up to 58 percent of patients suffering from achalasia, a condition in which the muscles of the lower part of the esophagus fail to relax experienced notable improvement in their condition after drinking warm water. Drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach is a good way to stimulate the colon to move the bowels easier. In addition, it sets the body for better absorption of food during the day.


 3. Improves Circulation - Drinking warm water improves blood flow in the body's circulatory system. It has been scientifically shown that when the body is exposed to warm temperature, the blood cell flow initially raises by a dramatic amount. Then, it drops back to normal rate of blood flow and starts to gradually increase the longer it is exposed to the warmth. Warm water basically improves circulation by warming up the body from within.


 4. Weight Loss- While staying well hydrated is generally beneficial for weight loss, it turns out that taking it warm is the best way to consume this liquid. In a study done by Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine focused on a group of overweight women who were given large amount of warm water. At the end of the study, it was found that women had experienced a notable decrease in appetite, weight, and body mass index. 

 Why Is Drinking Cold Water Bad For You? Having a glass of cold water on a hot, summer day is one of the best feelings ever! It indeed helps cool down in a matter of seconds, but it does many other things to your body at the same time. Unfortunately, those things are anything but good for you. Cold water constricts the blood vessels, which in turn reduces hydration Drinking cold water causes the body to work hard to digest food as cold liquids solidify the fats in the bloodstream The body expands energy when you drink cold water in order to heat it up and use it Cold water forms excess mucus in the respiratory system, leading to congestion and higher risk of infections like throat infection.


 Cold Water Can Affect Your DigestionAccording to one study from the Journal of Physiology, the effects of drink temperature can have a serious impact on your digestive system. Ultimately the effects vary from person to person, but cold water was shown to have a negative impact on meal digestion.This is a concept found in traditional Chinese medicine, according to one holistic Chinese medicine clinic.“If you drink cold liquid with a meal then all of the fats will solidify and turn your food into a sticky sludge that slows down your digestion and becomes stagnant,” the clinic’s literature explains(3).

Drink something cold causes your blood vessels to shrink and this hinders your digestion. Instead of working towards breaking down and absorbing the nutrients from the foods you just ate, your body is stuck wasting energy to regulate your core temperature.


 Cold Water Can Negatively Affect The SpleenIn acupuncture traditions, the spleen is considered to need a moderate temperature in order to function properly. A healthy spleen is essential for protecting the body from pathogens and fighting off infection.


Cold Water Weakens Your Immune SystemDrinking cold water after a meal creates excess mucus in your body, which can lead to a decrease in immune system function, making it easier to catch colds and illnesses. Although its effect is minimal, to an individual with a weak constitution, drinking cold water could prove problematic.


Cold Water Can Exacerbate Existing Health ConditionsCold water can exacerbate asthma symptoms in children, according to a study by the Eurpean Society of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. Another study found that 7.6% of participants experienced a headache after drinking a glass of ice water – and the numbers only go up when you factor in whether or not a participant had a history of migraine.