Anxiety Over Plight Of 12 Kidnapped MV Glarus Seafarers     

Even though security agencies assured that they are on the trail of their abductors and owners of the ill-fated ship;   MV Glarus said they are in touch with the pirates, hope seem to be fading for the 12 sailors who were abducted about two weeks ago.

The kidnapped crew were aboard the MV Glarus carrying wheat while sailing from Lagos to Port Harcourt, and since then there has been no news about them.

Security sources who spoke with our source in Port Harcourt last week denied any  new contact with the seafarers, but confirmed discussions are still going on.

Our source who is of the Navy disclosed that there are indeed further high level negotiations between the ship owners and the pirates, but he didn’t say more.

Although, owners of the ship;  Massoel Shipping, few days after the incident said that  it had made contact with the hostage takers, there has been no news.

In a terse statement sighted by Shipping Position Daily, Massoel Shipping confirmed that the 12 crew are safe, but the company failed to give further details.

The Geneva-based company said in an emailed statement that: "It is understood that all crew are together and all are well and unharmed”.

The company categorically maintained that, it would not be “making any further comments on operational issues as this could prejudice the safety of those being held”.

Perhaps, in adherence to its decision not to divulge further information, an electronic mail that was sent to the Swiss company by Shipping Position Daily last week was un-replied.

The Nigeria   Navy had disclosed that it was working with Interpol to trace and rescue the sailors.

Navy spokesman, Ayo Olugbode said several agencies are working on a joint search operation to locate the crew kidnapped Saturday.

According to the Navy, preliminary investigations into the incident show that the crew members had been taken to land.

"We are working with many agencies including with Interpol on search and rescue operations on this case," Olugbode said.

The spokesman said he had no information on any ransom demands.

"We are speaking with the remaining crew members to know what measures were taken during the attack. For instance, the captain and the ship's crew are to go into the citadel of the ship when they are being attacked. We want to know if all these steps were taken during the incident," Olugbode added.