AREFFN Kicks Against New Shipping Charge

The Association of Registered Freight Forwarders of Nigeria (AREFFN) has kicked against the new charge allegedly introduced by foreign shipping companies. 

The association said this in a chat with Shipping Position Daily correspondent in Lagos. 

Speaking during the chat, the Apapa Chapter Chairman of the association, Mr. Jones Idemili, said that shipping companies have no right to increase charges, adding that all expenses are being added to the bill of the importer. 

"My association will contest this new charge, because it is not good. The importers pay for everything that the cargo incurs", he said.  He also said that a particular amount is paid depending on the size of the container.  

"We pay N100, 000 for a 20ft container and N200, 000. If there is a delay we are the people that Will pay so I don’t see  why they are talking about the increment. If there was a delay in returning the container, we will pay for that so i see no reason for any other additional charge" 

"To me this is a case of selfishness because it is the Importer that bears the cost so I don’t know why they are talking of a new charge" he concluded.