Clearing Agent Accuses Police, NPA Officials Of Extortion At Tin Can Terminals    

A freight forwarder and member of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarder (NAGAFF), Ugochukwu Nnadi has alleged that a combine team of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) and Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)  security personnel have been extorting truck drivers before they can assess Five Star Logistics Terminal and Ports & Terminal Multipurpose Limited (PTML) both at Tin Can Island ports.

He told Shipping Position Daily last week at Tin Can port that these officials collect as much as N2, 000 from truck drivers before they can be allowed to make use of the roundabout at Tin Can ‘first gate’ to assess the Five Star Logistics Terminal.

He also said that when the driver fails to part with the N2,000 bribe, he will be directed to go and make a u-turn in front of the entrance of Five Star Logistics Terminal where you will also be expected to part with N1000 before you can be allowed to do so.

Nnadi, as a way of decongesting the ports advised that all trucks should be allowed to park on the highway or be allowed to move straight into the port on arrival at the terminals, instead of parking outside the terminals. 

Explaining further, he said, “If you want to turn at the U-turn opposite Five Star Logistics gate, you have to pay N1,000, but if you want to turn at PTML it is mostly free but at times the Police men here will be collecting N500 for trucks to turn”

“When they will now turn and go back you will also pay N500 when you are going to Five Star Logistics, and on getting there they will ask you to go and turn at PTML and many of these trucks are carrying heavy loads, by the time they turn here at about 360 degree they break down”

According to him, “people are complaining and when you complain, nobody is listening and because most people benefit from there. Some agents now have turned that to their work, they no longer look for Bill of Lading” he concluded.