Custom Agents Decry High Freight Charges In Kano

  The Chairman, Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), Kano Chapter, Mr Kazeem Akande, has said that high freight charges by cargo airlines operators in Kano is discouraging exports. Akande said in Abuja on Wednesday that the charges contributed to the low export of agricultural products in Kano and the country. “When you look at the airfreight charges in Kano, it’s so high compared to that of the sea. “It is no secret that when you talk about business, everyone looks at the profit margin he or she is going to make. “Exporters find it cheaper using the sea; and I think that is one of the main reasons why they have decided not to use the airlines. “Sometimes, some of the exporters trying to export by air even prefer shipping their exports through Lagos, because airfreight charges in Kano are way more expensive than that of Lagos,” he said. Akande explained that there are only two cargo flights that operate through the Kano airport; the Turkish and the Ethiopian cargo airlines. He added that there are some routes which the two airlines do not operate. This has made some exporters to deal with various shipping lines like the Maersk Line , CMACGM, PIL, and MSC. Akande, however, called for more cargo airlines in the country in order to make airfreight more competitive. He added that efforts were being made in partnership with the National Shippers Council on ways to get cargo airlines in Kano to reduce their charges. “We need to find a way out; by talking to the airlines operators to bring down their charges on exports. “By reducing the charges, they will have more clients that will export through Kano,“ he said.