Ex-ANLCA Exco Blasts, Accuses Association Of Deceit

As the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) are preparing for its national executive election, a former Tin-Can chapter Financial Secretary of the association, Dr. Abiodun Frank, has taken the association to the cleaners accusing them of deceiving their members.

Dr. Abiodun, who disclosed this recently in a chat with Shipping Position Daily in Lagos, maintained that his former association has failed its members; he said that the association has been pretentious for a long time.

Abiodun.who is the current Task Force Chairman, Tin-Can chapter of the International Freight Forwarders Association (IFFA), accused the current executives of ANLCA of deceiving members four years ago when the national executive elections were conducted.

He said that during the last election of the association, they were supposed to submit their licenses to enable them participate fully in the election, but the executives manipulated the whole system and conducted the election without their knowledge.

“I have been in this industry for the past 38 years, currently I am the chairman of Task Force IFFA Tin-Can chapter but before now, I used to be in ANLCA but they have failed us. You know when somebody tells a lie, the lie will keep reoccurring. People should know that whatever we are doing is not for today, it is for tomorrow because tomorrow is greater than today and that is exactly what is wrong with ANLCA. When they were doing their national executive election four years ago, they deceived us by telling us lies, we are supposed to submit all our licenses for election but they manipulated it, did election by 6am and came to power”, he said.

 He also alleged that the same the people are contesting for election in the association now, even as he faulted the National Electoral Committee (NECOM) introduced by ANLCA, saying that it will not give room to know the popularity of the aspirant.

He also said that ANLCA is losing popularity due to some bad elements in the association, even as he accused it of subverting the interest of the entire nation.

“You can see that ANLCA is going down because I can say that they are subverting the interest of the nation. So the customs have their reason for selecting ANLCA because they discovered that they association has a soft landing for customs and for those that are in operation, I am not talking about the headquarters, but those in operation. I believe we should face the reality let’s face what the nation is going through now”, he added.