Group Says HIV /AIDS Awareness Successful Among Port Users, Targets Zero Incidence   

Some Health Officials Attending To Port Workers At Tin Can Port, Lagos During The Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Trade And Transport Facilitation Project (HIV Component) Campaign On Monday. 

Even as it marks six years of sustained HIV AIDS awareness campaign among transport sector workers, the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Trade and Transport Facilitation Project (ALCO) said the campaign has been very successful.

The ALCO, which is in collaboration with the Nigerian Ports Authourity (NPA) however said the target is to wipe out incidence of HIV/AIDS among port workers in particular and transport workers in general.

This hope was raised on Monday by the Chairperson of the Committee in charge of the project; Dr. Comfort Datong at the NPA HIV/AIDS sensitization campaign, which held at the Tin Can Island Port.

She disclosed that the  HIV Component of the  Abidjan-Lagos Trade and Transport Facilitation Project  is aimed at ‘’increasing access to HIV prevention , basic treatment, support and care services  for vulnerable groups with particular attention to transport workers , migrants, sex workers, Customs,  and Immigration officials and the local population living and working along the trade corridor’’.

Dr Datong also noted that results that have been received within the Tin Can port and Lagos Port Complex since 2012 when the project started has surpassed ALCO’s previous target of83 percent.

“We have surpassed the target, but we want to sustain the level which we have achieved. We are getting to HIV zero percent incidences, so let’s end it now. That is why we are here and were calling on people, let’s end it now’’, she stressed, even as she added that, health workers no longer have to beg their target, especially the truck drivers.

“We are no longer begging them to come now. We don’t have condoms, but they are still coming for the tests, because they want to know their status, so the response is impressive,” she said.