More Trouble For ANLCA As Eastern Chapters Threaten To Breakaway   

The lingering crisis and battle for the soul of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) seems to have taken a new dimension as chapters in the eastern zone have reportedly threatened to pull out of the association and stand on their own.

ANLCA has major operations at Western Port, Eastern Ports and Northern airports and borders.

Speaking with Shipping Position Daily, a source inside the association alleged that the chapters in the East are planning to adopt the factional BOT Chairman, Henry Njoku as their true recognized leader.

Recall that in December last year, all chapters in the Western Zone, excluding Murtala Muhammed International Airport chapter had signed a press release, announcing that they no longer regard Mr Tony Iju Nwabunike as their national president.

Since then, the Western zone chapters have allegedly refused to pay their chapter dues to the national secretariat of ANLCA, a situation that has stifled the association of funds.

The source who is a strong voice in the association also told our correspondent that ANLCA chapters in the Eastern ports have equally not been remitting their association dues to the national body. He alleged that they pay these dues to the facilities chairman of the board, Henry Njokwu.

He alleged that ANLCA members from the Western zone are not being assisted in their operational challenges whenever they go to clear cargoes at Eastern zone.

Speaking, the source said "When was the last time that Farinto or Tony accompanied the executives in the east to any function, whenever they have any function, it is Henry Njoku that leads them"

"The Eastern chapters are saying that they would like to stay on their own if Henry Njoku is not allowed to remain as BOT Chairman, they said what they are doing is rubbish in the West"

He claimed that the Calabar and Onne chapters are supporting this move.

"It is high time the President talks to Njoku, but we know Tony cannot tell Njoku to stand down”

It should not be a condition that because Njoku has been removed, Taiye Oyeniyi must also be sent away", he added.