NAGAFF ELECTION: Aspirant Fingers Apapa Chapter Chairman, Fred Ajuzie In Alleged Threat

 The incumbent chairman of Apapa chapter of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF); Dr. Fred Ajuzie has been accused of threatening the life of a fellow aspirant.  The allegation was leveled against the chairman during the unveiling of the association electoral timetable recently in Lagos by a chairmanship aspirant, Mr. Ndubuisi Uzoegbo, who  accused Dr Fred Ajuzie of threatening his life and that of his supporters. Reacting to the allegation, the Chairman of NAGAFF Electoral Commission (NECOM); Mr. Okey Nerus, said that the association would investigate the case and if the accused is found guilty it will attract punishment. "On the issue of threat as regards to Apapa chairman, well first of all you have to know that we still have substantive chairmen in all of these chapters. And they have the right to support whoever they want to support, but they have limitations. For the issue of threat we take it seriously, people maligning others are not acceptable here. Not to talk of threat to life. What the young man raised here is too weighty and that is why we have asked him to go and put it into writing. We are going to investigate that and if the incumbent Apapa chairman is found wanting, then we have to wield the big stick", he warned. He also promised that NECOM will use that case as a deterrent to office holders who would like to take undue advantage of their positions. "I think we have to use him as an example to serve as a deterrent to any other sitting chairman who might want to take undue advantage of their position to ferment trouble to the opposition we won't take that here", he affirmed. Explaining further, he said the issue has to be dealt with constitutionally even as he added that if found guilty, the person could be suspended. "What I mean by wielding the big stick is that as NECOM we have sanctions, our law are there, our extant laws are there and there are some disciplinary measures. These are issues you deal with constitutionally. The person can be suspended if found guilty, it can get to that. So the big stick can come in different ways like we said it is in the best interest of the candidate whoever such chairman is supporting to call them to order. If we notice that he is doing this to get support for his candidate it can also affect his candidate", he added. Efforts to speak with  Dr Ajuzie were abortive as he never picked calls put across to him.