NPA Issues Honeywell Group Two Months Ultimatum to Complete Tin Can Truck Park   

The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has said that the Honeywell Group has offered to carry out the completion of the shoreline protection of the Tin Can Island Truck Park, even as it instructed that the completion must be perfected in the next two months.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting in Apapa last week, Managing Director of NPA, Hadiza Bala Unman also said the project is being undertaken by Honeywell Group under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

She warned that this does not automatically imply that the company will run the trailer park or profit from it. 

Hadiza also revealed that NPA had initially written to the Ministry of Works, Power and Housing for NPA to complete the park but that the ministry has not reverted back to the authority.

Recall that the Tin Can Island Port trailer park was a project under the Ministry of Power Works and Housing. The Minister, Babatunde Fashola has said that the project is 98% completed.

 She said "We have been having dialogue on the completion of the trailer park at Tin Can Island Port for a long time. Honeywell has offered to completion of the shoreline protection of the park

We have made it clear to Honeywell that the park completion would be done as a CSR, the shoreline will be done and made available to everybody, if they refuse to comeply to these terms, then the trailer park would not be given to them"

"Prior to them writing for the completion, NPA had also written to the ministry of works asking that the trailer park be given to us so that we can complete it and put it to use, the ministry of works has not reverted back to us on that and we don't know if they have concluded discussion with Honeywell to do it"

"But it is imperative and I will reiterate that Honeywell will complete the park as a CSR, it does not mean they will take ownership or running of the trailer park"

"Every of the project must be time bound, if you say you want to do completion of the park,  you need to start immediately, you cannot keep having discussion on it"

Hadiza also said that another company; BUA Group has offered to carryout re-construction of a section of the dilapidated Tin Can Island expressway.

"BUA also offered to construct a stretch at Tin Can Island, the ministry of works can brief us if BUA has made any commitments on that, and I will also reiterate that things need to be time bound, if not,  we would not achieve anything"

"If you cannot do it between two months, you would have to move out and let other people take on the responsibility" she said.