NPA/Truck Owners Adopt Temporary Call-Up System To Ease Apapa Gridlock — AMATO/COTOAN

  A coalition of the Association of Maritime Truck Owners (AMATO) and Container Truck Owners Association (COTOAN) have expressed confidence at easing the Apapa gridlock, through a temporary manual call-up system for trucks.

The body made this known on Monday in Lagos in a joint statement by Chief Remi Ogungbemi and Alhaji Wasiu Oloruntoyin for AMATO and COTOAN respectively.

They said that the Management of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) introduced the system to address the difficult traffic situation which had been a burden to all stakeholders in the port city.

The organisations therefore, called on all members of the trucking associations to comply with the initiative for the greater economic benefit of all.

“In view of the gridlock staring the faces of truckers, stakeholders in maritime industry, Apapa residents and public at large, all our members are hereby directed to follow the newly-introduced call-up system by the NPA Management.

“This initiative by the NPA is to help regulate the movement of all trucks/tankers into the ports and Tank Farms.”

The coalition of the associations said it considered the move a positive step to reposition their businesses and checkmate all forms of corruption involved in the disorderly situation that truckers were currently experiencing in Apapa and its environs.

The associations also sought the support of other corporate truck-owners, including Dangote, Flour mills and BUA to embrace the call-up system as they begin the test-run.

They advised all representatives of truck parks to go to the associations’ office in Apapa for further briefing on the operations by the NPA.

Meanwhile, all trucks are expected to remain at their respective parks/garages until they get a call-up before they can take their trucks out on the road to head for the ports, the body added.