Sanity Returns To Berger Axis As Community Security Takes Over Traffic Control    

  Automobile dealers at the popular Berger automobile market on the Oshodi-Apapa expressway have confirmed that sanity is gradually returning to the axis. They confirmed that the usual vehicular traffic in the area is easing off.  

When Shipping Position Daily correspondent visited the area on Wednesday, some dealers said that the vehicular traffic was cleared by some  persons they referred to as ‘touts’ under the auspices of Community Security who cleared the road from Mile 2. 

One of the dealers who gave his name as Biodun Okerube told our correspondent that the boys got the backing of the state government to clear the gridlock from Mile 2 down to Trinity bus stop on the approach to Apapa. 

He however said  it shows incompetence on the part of security agencies who had earlier been drafted to he area to control traffic and ensure sanity. 

"This is a very big shame to both the Police and the Navy who had worked on this axis to clear the roads. The police and the Navy even with their arms have failed, but these guys just with ordinary sticks have cleared the whole roads", he told our correspondent. 

One of the car agents who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity alleged that the officers of Community Security were paid by the state government to help bring sanity to the axis. 

Explaining further he said, "the community security started the worked last Friday and we have been enjoying some peace in the area of traffic since then" 

"These officials were paid heavily by the Lagos state government to ensure that traffic returns to the axis" 

He however expressed fear that the officials may end up extorting truck drivers like other task forces that have operated n the area before now. 

"My fear is that, if care is not taken in no distance time, these guys may be influenced and they will start collecting bribe like others", he said.