Spanish Maritime Rescue Services Rescues 85 Illegal Immigrants From Mediterranean Sea

Spanish Maritime Rescue Services confirmed that they rescued 85 immigrants in the Mediterranean Sea on Monday.They were rescued as they attempted to illegally cross the sea between North Africa and Spain.Earlier, 180 immigrants were rescued as many immigrants tried desperately to cross into Europe in the unseasonal warm and calm weather in the region before bad weather appeared.Travelling in two dinghies, 73 of those rescued earlier were taken from an area midway between Spain and Africa known as the “Alboran Sea.’’They were taken to the port of Motril, which is close to Malaga on the south coast of Spain, while another 12 immigrants were taken to Tarifa in southwestern Spain after they were picked up from two other dinghies when attempting to cross the Straits of Gibraltar.One of the two dinghies carrying the 12 immigrants had overturned shortly before being discovered by a Maritime Rescue Services vessel.