Stakeholders Grumble As Movement Of Container By Barges Stops At Tin Can

Movement of containers by barges from Tin Can Island Port to SCOA bonded terminal has stopped.Terminal Operations Manager of Bollore Transport Logistics also known as SCOA bonded terminal at Kirikiri confirmed to Shipping Position Daily that the process which started in September 2016 has not been terminated. Shipping Position Daily gathered that the transfer of container by barges was spearheaded at Tin Can Port by Tin Can Island Container Terminal (TICT) which had rented the barge from Brawal Shipping. However, sources confirmed that the rising cost of hiring the barge has led to TICT discontinuing the transfer.  Speaking with our correspondent last week in separate interviews, a licensed customs agent, Adebowale Timothy confirmed that the process has collapsed. Also Vice Chairman of the Tin Can chapter of Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) Chief Mike Ossy said that the transfer was done just once and it was discontinued. The ANLCA top man said that operators are going through unbearable traffic gridlock at the Tin Can Island Port and it would have been easier if the cargoes are being transferred by barges to bonded terminals. "The barge was only used once to move cargoes to SCOA, there was an arrangement they had through NPA then, they rented the barge from Brawal, but I think it has stopped", he said. On his part,  Adebowale Timothy noted that clearing agents  and other stakeholders at SCOA terminal at Kirikiri  are complaining that they are jobless, and that if the transfer is regular, they would not be grumbling. He said "PTML have their own two barges, while TICT have none, the one they are using was hired from Brawal shipping.Brawal is an old shipping company that used to operate KLT terminal back then.The cost of hiring the barge is on the high side and that was why they could not continue" Managing Director, Grimaldi Agency, owners of PTML Terminal also at Tin Can,  Ascanio Russo, said the management of the Terminal had introduced barges to beat the traffic and improve on their services. But, speaking with our correspondent, Mr.  Adebowale said "PTML is not moving containers, they are moving vehicles, this is from PTML tin can to PTML Mile 2, both terminals are beside the waters.  All vehicles being cleared from the terminal are delivered through water"When he was contacted, Terminal Operations Manager of SCOA bonded terminal at Kirikiri, Ahana Williams denied that the movement of cargoes by barges has paralyzed. He told our correspondent that "the barge is still working and we are combining it with the roads, it is unfounded that the barge is no longer working"