COVID -19:  Some Of The Requirements For Crew Change

· Crew shall take his/her temperature twice daily and keep a record – fill in the attached temperature checklist

· Crew shall remain healthy throughout the 14-days SHN period.

· Crew shall provide a declaration that he/she has complied with the above and provide the temperature records for verification. (free form)

· Submission of COVID test result less than 48 hours before departing home country;

· Submission of Fit-To-Travel medical certificate issued by recognised doctor certifying crew is asymptomatic 24 hours before departing home country;

· Submission of E-ticket for Flight or Ferry; 

· The crew shall wear mask at all times; 

· The crew shall be directly transferred from the from the airport to the vessel. There shall be no detours or stopovers in the journey to the vessel;

· The crew shall disembark the plane according to airplane and airport protocols and proceed directly to the Immigration Duty Officers’ counter for on-signing immigration formalities and filling up of Health Declaration Card. 

· The crew shall not loiter in the airport and shall be escorted by the person-in-charge (PIC) appointed by the owner/agent/operator throughout the direct transfer from airport to vessel;*

* The dog shall not be allowed to loiter without collar, leash and muzzle? (V.M.)

· The PIC as designated in the letter of undertaking (LOU) shall arrive at the airport in advance of the ETA and put up a placard displaying ships name and a list the on-signing crew; 

· The vessel shall not depart Singapore until all on-signing crew have signed-on the vessel; and

· MPA shall be informed immediately should there be an issue in achieving the direct transfer of the crew; and

· There is no need for the sign-on crew to submit the electronic Health Declaration Card (eHDC) via SGAC prior to their arrival to Singapore. The sign on crew will be required to fill up a paper HDC at ICA arrival Duty officer counter.