Expert Advices Nigeria To Focus More On Logistics

A logistics expert and the Deputy National President of the Chartered Institute on Logistics and Transport (CILT), Nigeria; Mr Alban Igwe, has advised the federal government to tap into the huge advantages embedded in the logistics sector.Mr Igwe said this when he represented the Registrar of Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarders of Nigeria (CRFFN) at the recent launching of a book titled ‘Freight Forwarding in Global Logistics& Supply Chain’, written by a freight forwarding guru, Mr Milton Ofobrukweta.Igwe also said that transportation is one of the most important courses to study, even as he said that in a country where you stop transportation for an hour, the economy of the country will grind to a halt.Drawing a comparison, he said even if the medical doctors go on strike, a pregnant woman can still deliver, but if the transportation sector goes on strike the economy of the country will standstill.“You have to have a vision and play with strategy. If we don’t have a vision and strategy we cannot achieve it. We all have seen that the country has dropped on the list, so if all of us go home with that challenge you will find out that we will achieve a huge success. We can only come together to achieve that”, he advised.He added that: “As the Deputy National President of CILT, we are actually looking at how to know the possible way we can actually help the country in that aspect. There are some countries that don’t have oil and they are competing on logistics. Singapore is one of them. They got independence after Nigeria, they don’t have oil, but they have refineries. So they made themselves a logistic hub for other countries. They receive a minimum of 1,000 ships daily. Their airlines and every other thing are very fine. They made themselves a competitive hub for in everything. They are the number one in almost everything. They didn’t relax on the fact that they are third world so they strived to develop themselves with their vision and strategy”.