Master Mariners Laments Lack Of Seatime For Cadets

The Nigerian Association of Master Mariners (NAMM) has decried the current fate of cadets who have not been able to secure ships for their seatime training after undergoing training in nautical institutions.Speaking in Lagos recently, , National President of the association; Capt Joseph Awodeha said the association  found it unbelievable that Nigerian youths who had craved a career as seafarers could face such uncertainties.The NAMM President expressed disappointment about the fate of cadets who were sent overseas for training and who came back without practical seatime experience. He canvassed that cadets should be given a platform to practice all they have been thought in school instead of relying more on theories. "There should be practical experience of what our cadets learn in school instead of relying more on theories. We have different cadets coming out of schools daily but there is no platform for them to practice all that they have been learning in school. They have certificates but there is not platform for them practice all that they have been learning.  Unless they government do that, they have not spent our money well", he concluded.“There is no point to send somebody abroad to train and at the end of the training, he has no practical experience to carry out the job.“So many cadets have been trained abroad, but they have no practical experience to enable them function as marine engineers or professionals, which is needed to do the job.“So, they just come back with academic qualification. But, until they get the seatime training they are not complete officers yet,” Awodeha said.