Attacks On Fishing Trawlers: Pirates Attracted By Cash On Board — Association

The Association of Marine Engineers and Surveyors (AMES), says Nigerian fish trawler operators may continue to witness attacks from pirates as long as they continue to carry cash onboard.

AMES President Mr Charles Uwadia, disclosed this in an interview in Lagos last week.

According to him, pirates are attracted by the cash being carry onboard by crew members which is mainly in hard currencies.

Uwadia advised operators to look at the possibilities of stopping the practice of carrying cash onboard to stop the attacks, adding that if there was no money onboard, it would no longer be attractive for the pirates to attack them.

He wondered why trawler operators would carry cash onboard while at the sea even when they had enough bunker, water, food and everything they needed for the number of days they spend at sea.

“I know there is a lot of insecurity out there, especially as it affects the ship trawlers.

“What I am saying is that pirates attack the fish trawlers at sea out there because they know they have money onboard at any point in time because as they are catching, they are selling, so they have money.

“Basically, when they come most of the time, it is the money they are after that they know is onboard, they too have to look inwards to see how they can stop carrying money onboard and if there is no money onboard, it will not be attractive for the pirates to attack.

“Why do you have money onboard on this our water?

“A trawler is going to sea for instance, you are going to be there for 45 days, you are given your 45 days bunker.

“You are given your 45 days water, you are given your 45 days food, you are given everything it takes, there is communication between you and the vessel.

“You are less than 200 nautical miles and then you are in contact with your office every day, so, why do you need money onboard? Are you going to buy diesel outside.

“The main target of the attackers is the money because the people are busy selling fish, and as they are selling, they are making money,’’ he said.