Five Crew Kidnapped From OSV Off Nigeria Still Not To Be Found

Following the data provided by IMB Piracy Reporting Centre, pirates armed with machine guns in two-speed boats approached the unnamed vessel while it was underway some 32 nautical miles off the coast of Brass, midday on 9th March 2019.

According to the report, the ship’s Captain immediately notified the naval escort security boat which maneuvered to engage the attackers. One speed boat closed in from the port side of the vessel and crossed the bow, while the other speed boat exchanged fire with the security boat.

The pirates eventually boarded the vessel with the aid of an elongated ladder and broke into the accommodation, then vandalized the cabins and took crew and ship properties.

Not only that, but they also proceeded to the engine room, kidnapped five men and escaped. The Nigerian Navy in collaboration with NIMASA is still in an effort to rescue the five crew kidnapped from OSV Off brass but yet not to be seen.

As per information via official Twitter of the company, the crews are still in captivity, and hopefully to rescue them soon.