SON Raises Alarm Over Influx of Expired Gas Cylinders, Says they are ‘Time Bombs’

Group Managing Director of NNPC, Dr. Maikanti Baru and thePresident of NUPENG, Comrade William Akporeha at the celebration of NUPENG @40 held in Abuja last week.

The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) has raised an alarm over increase in the importation of used and expired cooking gas cylinders into the country, warning Nigerians to desist from purchasing used cylinders, even as it described them as ‘time bombs’ waiting to explode.

Speaking at a sensitization workshop organized for freight forwarders and other maritime operators in Lagos last week, Director of Inspectorate and Compliance Directorate of SON, Engr Obiora Manafa said that ordinarily, the lifespan of a metallic cylinder is 15 years, he however revealed that most of the cylinders being imported into Nigeria are above 15 years, he said many of them are 40 years old.

He charged Nigerians to always consult SON before buying cooking gas cylinders, assuring that the agency has a comprehensive list of manufacturers of cylinders who have been tested and certified up to standard and compliant.

Speaking, he said that SON has so many seized cylinders in its custody, including used cylinders and new cylinders, according to him, used cylinders are contraband and Nigerians are not allowed to bring them into the country.

Giving reasons, Engr Marafa stated that: “The reason is that when you bring these used cylinders, they are expired already, they have been thrown away, but our people go over there and bring in these cylinders, they go over there and sought them from the waste bin and start bringing them into the country, these are time bombs that they are bringing into the country”

“The lifespan of a metallic cylinder in fifteen years, so when you are using a cylinder that is above fifteen years, just know that you are using a time bomb.

Most of the cylinders being imported into Nigeria are above 30 years, some are 40 years old”

Engr Marafa advised that it is better for us to buy a new cylinder in order to save our lives. When you hear about gas explosions, houses burnt and lives lost, so many things destroyed, you reason why you should not spend N8, 000 to save your life by buying a good cylinder”

“We have a list of companies approved to bring in these cylinders, we have list of factories that SON has already certified, that we can beat our chest that they have quality system and every of their cylinder meets standard. If you desire to buy a cylinder, call SON and we would tell you where to buy the cylinder. Please don’t buy used cylinder anymore, if you know anyone buying it, tell the person to bomb”

The SON boss also raised an alarm on the importation of substandard engine oil with most of them labeled as Mobil Oil.

He stressed that, “people travel outside the country to buy substandard lubricants and place Mobil on them, it is not every Mobil lubricant that you see in the market that is genuine, and we have discovered that they are faking the Mobil engine oil as well as other company’s lubricants”

Marafa pleaded for corporation with maritime operators in the fight against substandard products, saying that SON cannot fight it alone.

According to him, the need for collaboration formed the main crux of the stakeholder’s engagement last week.

“Before we destroy any item, we seek court order, and before we burn some of them we have to get permission of LAWMA in Lagos State or other environment bodies of other states, burning constitutes environmental pollution” he said.