Are you satisfied with the redeployment of Area Controllers of the Nigeria Customs Service?

Dr.   Frank Ukor (Ex-president, AREFFN) 

Do I have a choice? What can anybody do about it? If one expresses a counter opinion, he will be marked-out as an enemy. The present govt is averse to criticism whether constructive or not.

Whoever they post anywhere, we take them like that. Even if I am not satisfied, what can I do about it? The Customs is a Service and has its internal organisational mechanism. The leaders work according to that mechanism. Anything to the contrary, would be counter-productive. Col Ali ( rtd ) has his mandate and he is working according to that mandate.

If President Buhari is voted out of power next year, and a new president takes over, he may decide to change things. In that case, things may change and the Customs may change to Nigeria Customs Service and no more Northern Customs Service (NCS).

 Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha (ANLCA BOT) 

For me, postings in the military and paramilitary should be purely on merit and should be devoid of any federal character and religious sentiments.  Unfortunately, I don't have the entire list of the posting to juxtapose my conclusion whether it's in line or otherwise. But from the little I could see around me, I think it's not fair enough. 

Lawrence Oladipo Bolade (License Customs Agent)

In my own opinion, I don't see any wrong in movement of custom officers if it is in accordance with the ethics of their job. Don't forget that one of their primary assignments is revenue collection and trade facilitation. If the management of custom then believes that such movements will enhance primary assignment, so be it. Secondly if such movement will also reduce corruption among the officers in the port, it is also a welcome development.

Comrade Deola Suleiman (Licensed Customs Agent)

Transferring a customs officer such as Area Controller from one command to another is never a new thing, but the question is what are the duration of time to spend in a command before Area Controllers should be moved from one place to another? 

A Controller that spent  six months or less on a command and moved to another command cannot change or add value to that command within that short period.  Therefore,  CG of Customs should allow the Area Controllers to stay at least for one year before thinking of moving them to another command, unless if there is special case of incompetence in such Area Controller.

Stanley Ezenga (PRO, NAGAFF)

You should know that this administration has no respect for federal character system, even if you look at the way the government has appointed his key officers, so the federal character system is not applicable. The appointment of the government itself does not respect the federal character system. Babatunde Mukaila (National Secretary, ANLCA) Posting and redeployment of Customs Comptrollers is an institutional, administrative strategy to keep in focus, and to achieve the aim and objectives of NCS without building it around any individual. I am very satisfied with the posting. 

Joe Sanni (National Publicity Secretary, ANLCA) 

Transfer is good for Customs and its duties at the ports. The longer they stay in a position, the more likely they become entrenched and emboldened in their unethical ways.

I think it augurs well also for the image of Customs, even though I see such sudden movements as depleting capacity enhancement.

But really, its not a bad idea.  But their activities in whichever post they are must be closely monitored, to continuously profile them until a character and attitude, beneficial to the Customs duties can be taken for granted.


Ayo Sulaiman (Licensed Customs Agent)

One of the Cardinal prerogatives of the CGC includes but not limited to deployment and redeployment of officers of NCS, therefore my opinion is that the CGC must deploy and redeploy at appropriate time to avoid sit tight syndrome of some officers that want to turn themselves to tin gods in some of the commands.

Okey Nerus (NECOM Chairman, NAGAFF)

He has done well and the recent redeployment is in line with his responsibilities as the CGC, It has also made for optimal performance. I don’t have issue with the deployment of officers, the only area where some of us who are critical stakeholders have issues is the non conformity with the Federal Character provision in these postings. The government itself thrives on lopsided appointment, so one won’t be surprised to see that the CGC also tows that line. One thing we should know is that when these appointments are lopsided, it tends to kill the morale of other officers for optimal performances. When officers don’t get their posting when they are supposed to, they tend to be discouraged and this affects productivity. You know what it means when the productivity is affected, you know it will bounce back on the revenue collection. 

Frank Obiejesi (SEC, ANLCA Apapa Chapter)  

The CGC has tried, it is just that he focused on revenue alone instead of reforming and transforming the entire customs system, that is where he has failed. He is only interested in how much that comes into the federal government. Government is making more money but have the custom officers been reformed? Have they been able to remove all the corrupt ones in the service? In my view, corruption has increased, customs didn’t obey the federal character system in the redeployment of officers, the CGC chooses who he wants and posts them where he wants.