Can the Presidential Executive Order end corruption in the Nigerian maritime sector?

Francis Omotosho (Nigerian Institute of Shipping)The executive order in itself cannot stop corruption in the port system, but the fact that the government has issued executive order towards achieving ease of doing business in Nigeria is very good and also portends the direction of the current government. However there are still bad eggs in the system everywhere in the industry. The executive order is now a line drawn between good practice and corrupt ones in the industry. Hence, it is now left for the practitioners to take the bull by the horn and continue with open fight and expose the bad ones amongst us in the industry. The executive order is a wheel for further war against any corrupt officer. 

Nichodemus Odollo (Vice President, Shippers Association Lagos State)The executive order cannot and will not stop corruption, it will only help to consolidate and centralize it. If not properly handled, it may even bring an increase in corruption.By the Grace of God Almighty, I have the solution to fighting the monster called corruption and bring it on its knees. Tell it to Nigerians and the world. I am holding on to this solution until the government sends for me and we would have a talk. The Government must answer my first question. Do they truly want to fight corruption, kill or reduce its power and influence? Then I will show Nigerians and the world my God-given weapons to kill corruption, reduce its power and influence.


Dr. Frank Ukor (President, AREFFN) How can mere issuing of an order stop corruption in the maritime sector? What has government put in place to address the causes of corruption? Merely issuing an order can never stop corruption either in the ports or any other segment of the economy. Let the government address issues concerning wages and adequate remuneration of revenue generators and collectors, to bid farewell to corruption in the maritime industry.  

Pius Ujubonu (ANLCA)The executive order cannot stop corruption in the ports. Most of the instructions contained in the order are existing laws. The executive order sounds like an indictment on the government agencies operating in the ports. For instance, the ports have always remained a restricted place; it is a crime for anyone to be found loitering inside the ports without any known duty. Also, Giving or collection of bribes is not among instructions in the order. Corruption derives from the society and translates to all works and activities of that society.

 Ugochukwu Nnadi (Deputy President, NAGAFF)Corruption is endemic in the Nigerian society today and the maritime sector is part of Nigeria and cannot be treated in isolation. As far as corruption in Nigeria's port system is concerned, the executive order is dead on arrival.


John Okpono(Merchant Navy)Rome was not built in a day and what is worth doing is what doing well. Everything in life has a starting point and the executive order is our starting point. If we want to clean our country, there must be obstacles. For us to clean our country there must be someone to give orders and people to obey the order. What we need to do is to fit into the system; there is no country without corruption. There is need for us to comply with the orders and work together for the good of the country.


Uche Increase (NAGAFF President)Yes, it will help in fighting corruption If we all understand what the ease of doing business reform is all about. In a situation where the ports is in a deplorable state and there are cases of uncertainty in the ports. The Acting President revives business in the ports with the ease of doing business reforms. Before now there have been lots of hitches in doing business where   investors are leaving, high freight rate. There were proves that laws are not been followed. Corruption does not really entail taking bribe, when somebody is deliberately disobeying the law; when somebody in authority is abusing his office instead the person aids corruption. Over 80% anomalies in the sector are caused by corruption. So the executive order will go a long way to fight corruption in the sector.


Engr Matthew Alalade (President, Merchant Navy)In the real sense, the ease of doing business in the ports is supposed to reduce corruption in the maritime sector, but the problem we are having in Nigeria is bureaucracy. Files go from one table to the other causing unnecessary delays. If you go to other ports around the world, the operation is 24 hours. In the actual sense, it is supposed to cut corruption in the sector.


Stanley Ezenga (NAGAFF PRO)Yes, I think it will help to fight corruption in the sector because there is a clause on the executive order. The clause states that during customs examination all the agencies in the ports will be invited. If it is an examination that has to do with NAFDAC, they will be there; likewise if it has to do with other agencies. With this you find out that it will be difficult for corruption to take place in the process of doing that. So I think to a very large extent if the order is properly implemented it will help to fight corruption in the sector.