Do you believe in the merger of the two factions of NISA, do you think it will succeed?

 Mr. John Okpono (Merchant Navy)

Don’t you know when a house is divided, there is trouble already? Now they have a spirit of oneness they have come together you don’t need to ask if it is a step in the right direction. A divided house already stands against itself, now they have come together as one entity so there is no question as to whether they will succeed or not. There is one thing you should know, in life there are people who gain from trouble, where there is problem on ground there are people that will benefit from that and there are also people who love peace, they are peace makers. And the best way in life is to love peace, when you make peace you as a human being will have peace of mind and you will grow. So when a union or association is divided against itself, some external aggression they cannot withstand it, government parastatals and agencies can use them against themselves. And when NISA is divided and they want to start a common goal, the government or whoever is in command will align with one and use it to fight the other.

But now that they have a common goal, they have buried their differences and choose to work as one, one should expect that they fight will now fight as one, they will make the industry feel better. I think it is a good thing for them to have one voice, our prayer is that the power that be or who so ever is behind their division should be put to shame. Unity is the best and I think with that they can be able to achieve what they have not been able to achieve in a long while, we welcome them and we wish them the best. It is good for a body to be united so that they can fight external aggression. So it is a right step in the right direction.

Engineer Matthew Alalade (Merchant Navy)

Well we are watching them, because if they are sincere to themselves, why did it take them so long to come together. If they sincerely come together, it will move the maritime industry forward and they will have a common voice to tackle their problems or to sensitize the government on their needs so that they can be able to lift cargoes in Nigeria here. But if they are divided, there is no way they can have a common voice so it is a good thing for them to come together. But we are watching if they are sincere or not.    

Dr. Eugene Nweke (NAGAFF)

You see, the problem we have in the maritime industry is what we call institutionalized poverty of the mind. Let me ask you a question, why do rich men in authority steal? They do that because there is an institutionalized poverty and everybody is afraid of poverty and a poor man steals because he is afraid of the effect of poverty so there is a problem of institutionalized poverty. If the ship owners in Nigeria actually understand their place all these ideas of we are this and that, won’t come. There should be a central body though you can form any other association you wish just like what we want to do in freight forwarding. If you start having numerous associations you will lose what you are supposed to get. So the NISA coming together is a good thing, let them come and solidify as one body, but they can still keep their other associations.  

Capt Adewale Ishola (Master Mariner)

Their coming together is the best thing to do, they were together before, before they broke into factions and now that they are back, I believe this will help them a lot, because when they are united, they become stronger, so I strongly believe their coming together will be of great benefits to them.

Emeka Akabogu (Maritime Lawyer)

It is always good that people come together; that has always been the advice that all faction should come together as one, for the interest of the industry, because this will help them to speak with one voice, so I believe their coming together will be in their interest and in the interest of the industry as a whole.

Capt Tajudeen Alao (Master Mariner)

Yes I believe their coming together is very good for a common course we need one indigenous Shipping Association because in unity the association will be stronger and better Capt Tony Olugbade (Master Mariner)

I think if they say they are back again together it will be in their own interest,  because it will be in their own interest to be honest with themselves, because if they are not together, the country will be losing out from the gains in the maritime sector, so now that they are back they need to speak the truth to themselves and move forward.