Do you support the transmutation of Nigerian Shippers Council into the NTC?

Jonathan Nicole (President, Shippers Association Lagos State)

The Nigerian Shippers Council is the most qualified for the position of NTC, haven spent more time in the Transport Sector and having the national spread. The Government says they cannot afford to bring up another agency since the Government cannot fund it. The Nigerian Shippers Council is conversant with the transport terrain in the country. I think they will do well with the support of upcoming institutions in the sector.

Ministry of Transportation includes Roads, Maritime. This is why the shipper’s council is building Transit Parks and ICDS.  They have been given expanded responsibilities to checkmate excessive transport tariffs, comfortable mode of transport and a more deserved rail and vehicular transport network.  What is called intermodal Transport network system. With time and support from other institutions they will succeed. The Ministry of Works will build roads. Their duty here is to control prices and advice Government on current issues affecting the intermodal transport and how to improve.

 Tunji Obagbo (POTEMAN) 

Transportation in Nigeria does not have any existing policy for now, so  I think there is need for a transport commission that would be in charge of the policies, the commission is the body that will harmonize policies for the ministry of transportation. However, the NTC must comprise of the technocrats of the transport and maritime industry, it must comprise of professionals and not politicians. 

I believe the Nigerian Shippers Council can best handle this responsibility, it is true that they do not have too much responsibility before now, but I am quite sure they can do it, I have no doubt about that, they are equal to the task. 

Nichodemus Odollo (Shipper) 

The Nigerian Shippers’ Council transmutation into the National Transport Commission is a welcome development. I believe the Council has got the experience and gathered data and information over the years that they can work with as the transport commission.

My advice to the management of the Council is that they should employ the services of industry experts because nobody knows it all, they will also do well by leaning on those that knows more about the transportation. 

Alhaji Babatunde Mukaila (ANLCA) 

The transmutation of Nigerian Shippers Council into the National Transport Commission (NTC) with its attendant economic regulatory powers has been a never-ending discussion. I believe it would be a game changer when NTC comes alive with this sole responsibility of moderating all modes of transportation business in Nigeria. I am personally hopeful.

Right now the Shippers Council seems the best option for the take-off of NTC, they possess the adequate background, they have the physical structures needed, they also  have the capacity can be improved upon with manpower.

  Paul Ndibe (CILT)

It is long expected passing the National Transport Commission bill (NTC), but, it is not enough, we are looking at the national transport policy too, and then the Railway act and even the CILT Act. These are the things that can facilitate the job and responsibilities of the NTC. It is a step forward but it cannot go alone, it has to go with organizations and legal framework. The railway bill is still there we have the national transport policy out there so that the NTC will now have a vivid act to go. If there is no transport policy and you have the NTC, what are you expecting, there would be restrictions. So the critical thing would have been to have NTC, national transport policy, Railway Act, CILT Act, so that all these will create the necessary synergy for the bill to be more effective. As it is now there is no public transportation system in Nigeria, the aviation system is not good, the maritime is wobbling, the same with roads. We should not work at cross purposes; it is a step but not the ultimate.


Dr. Eugene Nweke (Freight Forwarder)  

The passage of the NTC bill and subsequent enactment into an Act of the Federation is a rare, clear legislative resolution and determination of the law makers to promptly coordinate relevant spheres of maritime operations/activities, to attain optimum industry efficiency, via an effective regulatory and stabilization. This is a most welcome development in the industry direction. As for transmutation of the Nigeria Shippers Council into NTC, note that after series of debate at the floor of the House, and careful consultations and considerations, both the lawmakers and the executive arm of the government found the NSC as most suitable. NSC has continued to play unbiased roles in the industry. NSC is not an operationally interested party, the NSC does not generate revenue nor get involved in any commercial trading related activities other than protecting the interest of the Nigeria Shippers and port users. The NSC is notable for its many years of its industry researches, international defence of the Nigeria bilateral trade interest negotiations, data and statistics collation roles in the maritime industry.