Do you think freight forwarders are ready for the CRFFN elections?

Tony Iju Nwabunike (ANLCA National President)

We in ANLCA have taken a decision on the coming CRFFN elections, I divided it into two, the western zone has taken a decision while the Eastern zone is taking their decision next, I am in Port Harcourt right now, but I know that the western zone has taken a decision that if possible may also be adopted by the eastern zone. But, let me not pre-empt them until after the meeting. The western zone has decided to go ahead with the CRFFN elections, but with some conditions, but I will tell you this after I am done with the eastern zone. 

Charles Ubah (Licensed Customs Agent)

The date given by CRFFN for the elections is too short, mobilizing voters to Abuja is not an easy thing, except they are not taking the individuals to go and vote, maybe they want to use the corporate licenses, but as far as CRFFN is concerned, everybody is involved, both corporate bodies and individuals. Again, they should have chosen Lagos for the elections because of the large number of practitioners in Lagos, taking it to Abuja means that the contestants are going to bear the liability of transporting their supporters to Abuja.

Taking people from Lagos to Abuja is not an easy thing, the timing is too short, they should have given 90 days grace for contestants who intend to participate in the elections an ample time to consult and know what to do. Again, the CRFFN is in court, going forward with the election is prejudice, they have an issue with ANLCA and I think NAGAFF is also in court with them, have they cleared all these before announcing election date? These are the issues they need to address before talking about election. Sunny Nnebe ( IFFA)

Yes, I think freight forwarders are ready for the CRFFN elections; however, my fear is the modalities. I believe that every license holder or operator is automatically qualified to contest and to vote as well, but this arrangement had been overtaken by the modalities adopted by CRFFN Registrar such that has destabilized potential contenders and voters alike.  We are watching, maybe the court will help at the end. 

Chukwuka Ani Agubamah (President, NAFFAC)

I am not in the pockets of the freight forwarders to know if they have N200,000 and money to pay in arrears to CRFFN. As at now, I cannot say for sure who the people that want to run for elections are. However, NAFFAC is not sponsoring any person, but will support whoever is set to run. The N200,000 CRFFN is collecting is to pick the forms  and payment of arrears of annual dues of candidate and his/her sponsors.


Barrister Michael Ovien (ANLCA)

Yes, the stakeholders are ready for the elections, but I think the question should have been phrased that: Are those seeking position into the vacant seats ready for this election? The answer is NO!  ANLCA and NAGAFF have just concluded their elections and huge amount of money would have been spent.  CRFFN should look into this and extend this election table for freight forwarders to plan effectively.


Stanley Ezenga (NAGAFF)

Yes, for freight forwarders, we are all prepared because we have been clamouring for this election for a long time. You know after the demise of the governing council, the Registrar has been holding brief for the council. So we have been clamouring for this election so that we the real freight forwarders will take our destiny in our hands. So we are fully prepared.


Jones Idemili (ARFFN)

We are on it and a meeting has been scheduled in that regard. We are preparing for the elections, there is no problem. We are prepared for it because we have been longing for it for a very long time now, postponing it again is not good, it is not good for the industry, so we are prepared for it, let it come and go so that we will all rest. It will also help us to sanitize whatever that is wrong in the industry. Things are not yet streamlined right now, but if you have a structure, people will know how to tackle things. We are prepared for it.


Dr. Frank Ukor (ARFFN)

The news came like a thunderbolt, we have almost lost hope. I am not sure that we are very prepared for this election; they would have given us more time. It is too early, they would have given us up to June or July, but this one is too sudden. The five associations are planning to meet after we come with a resolution on that regards.


Mr. Segun Musa (NAGAFF)

Yes, the freight forwarders are fully prepared, it will interest you to know that NAGAFF as a freight forwarding association just concluded its chapter elections and we were able to ensure that we are fully registered with CRFFN. And this is part of the preparations for the election. So presently we are very prepared and ready for the election.