Do you think that the Task Team has succeeded in clearing Apapa traffic gridlock?


Rev Jonathan Nicol (SALS)

It is not what they can do overnight, the traffic situation has lasted for over seven years so it will take time for them to put the whole thing in order. Up till this morning, we still saw a lot of trucks on top of the bridge, so we don’t know what the cause is. But the roads are bit free now unlike before, so I will suggest they improve on how to get the roads in order, let us give them benefit of doubt.

Chinonso Amariwu (Berger)

All I can say is that, I see them there on their duty post, but that has not solved the problem of the traffic gridlock, the road is still congested as usual. Nothing has been done, the roads are bad and that is the major cause of the gridlock. They should fix the roads and not just setting up task team. They should also compel the shipping companies to have holding bays where they can take back their empty containers so that the trucks will leave the roads, that is one of the causes of the gridlock.

Ibrahim Tanko(NAGAFF)

It is still early to access them, let’s still give them time to be sure of what they are doing before we can access their performance.

Ndifreke Micheal

To be sincere with you, they’ve really done a good job but it seems the trucks are gradually coming back on the road, before now when you look at the bridge it used to be stagnant, but now even though they are gradually coming back, it is still moving, from Mobil road it takes like 40 min to one hour to get to Apapa, but since almost a week plus now the traffic has reduced; within few 5 to 10 minutes, you are already at the port. So this is a very great achievement to me and deserves commendation.

Jude Obidiegwu (Berger automobile market)

You can see things for yourself, the traffic is still there and it is badly affecting our business. Buyers hardly come here to patronize us a lot of them prefer to go to places like Ikeja where the roads are better than coming here. The taskforce cannot work properly well if the roads are not in order you can’t tell them to clear the traffic when the road is terrible. A lot of containers are falling here steadily.  

Douglas Agu

Well, so far  I think they have been able to achieve over 50 percent progress, they are not exactly where they should be, so they still need to do more, I was in Apapa yesterday and we have to eventually use the one way, from the entrance to Apapa there was traffic, also along the Bode Thomas road, trailers were competing with us, but we know how it used to be before now and that’s why I said they’ve been able to achieve above 50 percent, let see what happen in  the next one month.

Obinna Okafor

Yes, they have done really well, everyone that know the state of the road linking to the port will definitely agree that things are no longer the way they used to be, although they are not there yet but we believe perhaps when the Tin can trailer park is opened,  this will also ease the pressure, I will give them a pass mark, however more still needs to be done, this is not to rest and believe they have accomplished their purpose.

Zebullun  Ikokide

They have not succeeded yet, if there is a task team at all, because I have not seen any improvement, so I can’t say they have succeeded, the traffic around the Apapa /Tin Can axis is still the same, so if they have done anything, then they still need to do more.