What are your expectations from the new executives of ANLCA?

Sunny Nnebe (Chairman, IFFA at PTML chapter)

I was opportuned to meet both the President and Vice President-elect of ANLCA on Monday and my advice to them was that they should forget about enemies for now, I charged them to concentrate on reconciliation and total cleansing of the system so that all freight forwarders can start speaking with one voice again. More importantly, they should do team work to enable them win back the lost hearts of industry operators and members of the association. This is also important, they must ensure that all ANLCA chapter chairmen are well informed persons; they should have good educational background, preferably graduates, and not necessarily money bags who would only be interested in their personal pockets.


Segun Alade Musa (NAGAFF, Airport)

The incoming National Executives of ANLCA should embrace the dynamics in the system and jettison the stone age approach the association is known for.

The new excos should jettison sentiments and ensure that the CRFFN policy is well established to cater for all the lapses and shortcomings in the industry to the extent of uniting all critical stakeholders to be able to fight our common enemies rather than fighting each other. The crisis in CRFFN is as a result of lack of unity caused by our enemies to encourage divide and rule.

 Chukwuka Ani Agubamah (President, NAFFAC) 

Let the new ANLCA executives drop the 'big battalion' mentality or syndrome seen during the past eight years and embrace peace and harmony with all. NAFFAC promotes and loves peace and harmony among all freight forwarders. I trust my brother Iju stands for these virtues as well. There is no crisis within the CRFFN that I know of, CRFFN has since 2008 been a target and receiver of stones thrown at it. My advice is for the throwers to stop their acts of distraction.


Dr. Frank Chuma Ukor (President, AREFFN) 

My advice to the Tony Iju-led executives of ANLCA is that they should work as a team and collaborate with other accredited associations in the maritime sector. Let the president offer leadership and work with other presidents of other freight forwarding associations. Also, on the issue of the CRFFN, my advice is that they should seek out-of-court settlement, withdraw the case, apologise to CRFFN and encourage members to embrace and pay the Practitioners Operations Fee (POF). If this is done, I assure you that the matter would be rested and there would be sanity in the freight forwarding sector in Nigeria.


Stanley Ezenga (NAGAFF)

I expect more synergy with other associations, I also expect more collaboration because the reason we are the way we are now is that freight forwarders in Nigeria don’t have a common force. This divide and rule by the Customs is affecting us. Now that the new executives of ANLCA would be inaugurated, I expect that they extend hands of friendship to other sister associations so that we will put hands together and  see how we can move the industry forward, better than it is now. 


Rev Emmanuel Agubanze (NAGAFF)

The good thing that is happening to ANLCA now is that the man who believes in freight forwarding profession has taken over the leadership of the association. The new president is a good freight forwarder, he is the first chairman of CRFFN and he is the person that understands the rudiments of freight forwarding in Nigeria. He is a certified freight forwarder, I think he is a better man for NAGAFF and ANLCA; he is in a better position to collaborate and partner with NAGAFF. We expect and believe that he can work harmoniously with NAGAFF for the betterment of freight forwarding in Nigeria.


Mr. Jones Idemili (AREFFN)

As far as Tony Iju is concerned, he is a popular man, but all the same, lest keep our fingers crossed. All I know is that they have credible hands at the Western Zones and at the national level. Aside Tony Iju, I don’t really know much about the people that are there.Mr Segun Oduntan (ANLCA)

All I expect from them is the best; they should take it up from where the outgoing President, Prince Shittu stopped. Much is expected from them because Shittu achieved a lot, so, nothing can be less than that. I also want to wish the new president well; he should try to be a transparent leader that will have to listen and be able to get things right and God will give him the wisdom.

 Zebulon Ilesanmi Ikokide (Nigerian Institute of Freight Forwarders)

The in-coming national executive of ANLCA will be very active because Olayiwola Shittu management has laid a good foundation. I will only advice that they should arrange a top management summit or retreat for the incoming executives and every senior management members of the association for effective take off.