What do you think should be focus of  Mr Rotimi Amaechi  in his second term as  Minister  of Transportation?

 Alhaji Lasisi Fanu (ANLCA Seme)

As minister of transportation, we expect that he should liaise with the minster in charge of works because if you are in charge of transport and you don’t have good roads, how would the transportation aspect work well. They should make sure that they work on it, he should convince the ministry of works for them to do good roads so that the transport ministry he belongs to can function very well. We need rail to connect all the regions in the country, let him do the needful, the problem is that they will collect the money and they won’t do what they need to do. He has been there before, so he knows what to do.  God should just touch their hearts to do at least 80% of what they should do. 

Mr. Joe Sanni (ANLCA)

First and foremost is the ongoing project; thank God the man is back especially on the issue of rail system, let him move the rail from both the seaports and the airports to the hinterland. He should do a solid work so that whoever takes over from them will be able to continue on that. Secondly, there is need for a lot of synergy between the NPA, NIMASA, NSC within the maritime industry. We the customs brokers don’t really want much rather than to fix those roads around the ports, let the roads be fixed so that cargos can be quickly moved out. Then the terminals how does he get them working and then make sure that the shipping charges are down instead of going up. Importantly they must go ahead and give directives to shipping companies and terminal operators to automate all their processes so that we will remove this human interface. When they make deposit they should be able to refund these deposits at least within 24 to 48hours.

Mr. Henry Njoku(Stakeholder)

The current minister of transport has always been supportive in what CRFFN is doing and I believe that the same way he managed to make sure that the board came up again and then start working, I am very sure he will equally support to make sure that we achieve our mandate. He is a wonderful man and his intention is to make sure that CRFFN is being measure with other agencies as it is supposed to be. Remi Ogungbemi (Chairman AMATO)

When I met the minister of transportation, I told him that it is a good thing that he is working so much on the rail, because of the fact that it will help our trucks in terms of longevity, because when we have the rail complementing the trucks, it will reduce the traffic on our roads, it will also help the life span of the road itself. So I believe now that he is back he should focus on the roads especially those that lead to the Apapa and Tin Can ports.

John Okpono (Merchant Navy)

I will expect him to focus more on the maritime sector, and probably ensure that our National Carrier is in place so as to ensure that our seafarers have more training time, because many of our seafarers do not have sea time training, we would expect that he carries us along as a stakeholder this time around 

Goddy England (COMTUA)

Now that he is back I would sincerely wish he can focus more on the roads leading into Apapa and Tin Can ports. Indeed, so many people said he focused on rail  in his last tenure, for me rail and road should go hand in hand so the road must not be neglected this time around when the roads are fixed moving cargoes out of the port will not be as difficult as it is now.

Barrister Alex Afolalu (Maritime Lawyer)

The answer is very simple,  let him focus on transportation as a minister of transportation, and I believe now that Aviation now stands on its own as a ministry, this should give the Minister of transport more time to focus more on land transport, especially the roads linking to the port, also linking the ports by rail will be a very good move and this will help decongest the gridlock at the port.