What Is The Benefit Off The Seafarers’ Day Celebrations?

 Captain Adewale Ishola (Master Mariner) It is a day marked in recognition of the world shipping, every household thing you’re using today came in through shipping. So the IMO deemed it fit to recognize seafarers and that is why 2010 when we were having an amendment, the IMO said we are going to designate 25th June every year as the day of seafarers and we have been doing it. 

Comdore Duja Effedua

Day of the Seafarer is celebrated all over the world on June 25 every year, following the resolution adopted by the 2010 diplomatic conference in Manila, Philippines, in line with the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW Convention). Although seafarers work in a closed fraternity, which is not visible to outsiders, their work is indispensable. It is high time they got the respect and importance that they deserve from us, especially the women seafarers. 

Matthew Alalade

The seafarers play a significant role in the maritime sector that cannot be overlooked and we must recongnised them for their efforts, especially the females.

The females seafarers too must hold their ground and must not be intimidated. Finally I will encourage them to marry themselves. You know as a seafarer you can go on trip for up to six month without seeing your husband or your wife, but when they marry each other the feeling of loneliness will no longer be there.

NIMASA must see to it that they give honour to seafarers,  I am not happy with the way NIMASA planned this year seafarers day, we did not see some key players like the masters mariners and others; the planning is not robust and I think this is not the way to celebrate seafarers. 

Captain Kunle Olayiwola (Master Mariner)

The benefit of the world seafarers’ days is that the IMO recognized the seafarers that they are important people, because they lift most of the cargoes that are for human consumption in the world. 

Engineer Richard Owolabi (Master Mariner)

The benefit is to commemorate seafarers for what they have been doing; carrying over 90% of the world trade over the years, sacrificing their lives to make sure that the economy of the world is moving.

Captain Tajudeen Alao (Master Mariner) 

This is being done at the world maritime organization, it is international seafarers’ day and we are part of the international community, we are coastal state and member of the IMO. So we must celebrate, Nigeria is a big enough to be a player in the maritime industry.

Captain Edidion Abalo (Master Mariner)

The IMO set up 25th of June of  every year to celebrate seafarers and the reason they are doing that is to encourage seafarers that we are not alone. So it is a means of encouraging seafarers, you know when you are out there on the sea you will feel that you are left alone with no one to care for you. So they are letting us know that they have us in their minds for them to set a day to celebrate us means that we are very important. Like a country’s economy cannot flourish without the help of a seafarer, without seafaring, goods cannot move from one point to the other.