What is your advice for the new CRFFN board and management?

 Frank Ukor (AREFFN)

My advice to them is that they should pay attention to their core mandate, the Act that established the council should be a big responsibility for them. Let the board pay close attention to those ones, especially training and retraining of members and they should equally look into the empowerment of registered members because they are the people that the council is meant for.

Mr. Henry Ubaka (Stakeholder)

I think there are lots of improvement on the board and with the new Registrar who is also a legal practitioner, I think there is and will be improvements. And I also advice they should try as much as they can to rally round the freight forwarders and come to their aids. 

Mr. Kayode Farinto (ANLCA)

The new board is coming with a lot of energy, this is a welcome development, it is long overdue, freight forwarders should key into the council. And I also want to advice that first, they should believe in this council let’s see what they can give us. Because there are so many challenges in the ports, so let us see what they can do.

Jude Ige (AREFFN)

You know they are still new; so they are trying to familiarize themselves with the happening in the ports. My own advice is that they should take their time, they should not be in a hurry because port activities is so complex that they won’t know anything at once. Then the issue of POF is not something they will rush, it is something they need to take time. The stakeholders need to familiarize with them they should encourage training first.

Osuala Emma Nwagbara (Maritime Lawyer)

The advice to them is that they should work the talk, nine months after we expect that they should have concretize some of the programmes they said they have on board. We have not seen any stakeholders event that CRFFN organize to tell the maritime industry players the nitty gritty of what they have in terms of training freight forwarders in the emerging world of transport and logistics. So we expect that CRFFN will sit up and begin to carry out their responsibility under the Act.

Stanley Ezenga (NAGAFF PRO)

CRFFN has not lived up to their expectations, by now one would have expected that only professional freight forwarders would be expected to practice freight forwarding in the country, as it obtains in other places.  Their focus now should be professionalizing the freight forwarding industry, because freight forwarding is not all-comers affair, first and foremost they have to set standards, set rules of qualification.  Their functions also include enforcement, so they should enforce the law against any freight forwarder who will not abide by the law. So as a matter of urgency they should put their house in other and begin the job proper by making sure that those whose name are not in the CRFFN Register should not be allowed to practice.

Obinna Okafor (NAGAFF President Ikorodu)

Much have been said on CRFFN, we will like to see action, let them put their talk to work, we like to see them organize training for freight forwarders and ensure professionalism in the freight forwarding industry. 

Alhaji Abdulazeez Mukaila (ANLCA Secretary General)

I think they are doing a good job so far, because the industry is getting feedback from them, they are lending their voice and that’s a good and better way to go, but my advice for them is that they should work hard to proffer solutions to most of the problem, they need to provide practical solutions.