What is your advice to the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria in the coming elections?

Comrade Joseph Boye (Seafarer)My advice for them is to do the election in a peaceful manner, we have had elections in this country in the labour unions, especially the Nigerian Labour Congress that people were not happy at the end, the Nigerian Labour Congress is now factionalized and we don't want this to happen in the maritime industry because it would have a setback on the workers, the MWUN is the apex union in the sector. We want the election to be peaceful and be successful.From the antecedents of the MWUN in the past, it has always been very critical when elections come like this, they would want to kill themselves in a do or die battle, but I think since the present administration got there, there has been peace and I am sure the peace would continue. 

Engr. Alalade Matthew (National President Nigeria Merchant Navy Officer & Water Transport Senior Staff Association) They should do it in a peaceful manner, we have been enjoying peaceful atmosphere in the maritime industry for the past years. So we want them to be peaceful anybody that wins, let us all celebrate him and anybody who loses, they should cooperate together, they are still the same union. They should not wash their dirty linen outside. Election must come and somebody must win. So if anybody loses it doesn’t lose since we are in the race, we should cooperate together and move the industry forward. This time around it is not the time that they should be castigating each other. Let there be peace that we have been enjoying for some time now. I hope they are going to organize it and the election will come out in a peaceful manner. 

 Comrade Jimoh Umar Omezia (Former President, NPA Senior Staff Association)The activities of the union in the past four years have been very peaceful under the leadership of Comrade Nted Emmanuel. On their forthcoming delegate conference, I wish them the best of deliberations, they have come of age and I am sure the election is going to be peaceful. I expect them to discuss issues bordering on the well-being and welfare of dockworker and the stevedores, and look for ways by which we can collaborate with management and stakeholders to ensure that we improve productivity in the sector. I want to see where our terminal benefits like gratuity, pension are looked into, so that at the end of the day, welfare of workers would be taken care of. 


Pastor Ayo Charles Benitie (NPA Pensioner)My advice to the union is for them to make the maritime industry workable in Nigeria, because for some time now the union has become less relevant, they should make themselves more relevant to all the affairs that affect every phase of the maritime industry. There should be no need for violence in this election, we are all brothers in the same industry and we should try as much possible to respect one another's opinion and principles, there is no cause for violence, we are all leaders and leaders should learn to work peacefully.


Comrade Owolabi Omotayo (Water Transporter, Liverpool Unit)My Advice to the Maritime Workers Union as they go for their elections is that the membership should continue to display to the world and other unions in Nigeria the maturity, unique leadership style and discipline which has been enshrined into the MWUN daily activities in recent years. It has also led to industrial harmony with all stakeholders and government agencies in maritime sector.The incoming leadership should also step up on the achievements of the outgoing leadership led by our amiable President General, Comrade Tony Nted Emmanuel. I wish the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria a successful and peaceful election.


Julius Efokpor (Sec General, Merchant Navy)Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, have had a very peaceful period right from the last election of Tony Nted, and the port industry have been very peaceful. The problem we normally have with elections specifically in the maritime workers union is that attack from the previous regime. Some people of old want to come back to serve in the union as presidents. Thank God this man has been able to curb them off so far. I sincerely hope that before and after the election peace will remain in the industry. So I will advise the members of the association to elect a man who is worthy to lead them because leadership has qualities. They should elect the person who has the character to lead them. They should not pick people just because of their being vociferous. 

Taiwo Olorunshola (Merchant Navy)They should not see it as a do or die thing. The aim of it all is to protect the seafarers. What should be at the back of their mind that at the end of the election all should come together to work for the good of the seafarers that should be in their mind. Whoever wins should be supported for the good of seafarers.  

Com. Aleakhue John Okpono (Merchant Navy)My candid advice to them is that they should be much matured in their coming election, this shouldn’t be like others. To be sincere most of their transitions have been bloody. You see Police shooting and stuffs like that. Leadership is not by force and if you want to go into election, you have to know that someone must win or lose. If you lose, try again and do some amendments in your way so that you might have your way in the second coming. Leaders are not to be forced on the people. The outgoing leaders should not force their candidates on the members, let the members themselves elect who they feel they can work with, and can lead them. At the end of the day if you lose take it to be as one good and big family. Have at the back of your mind that it is for one family. When you win, take it also as an act of God when you lose take it the same way. For our own as unionists, we believe that in election there is no winner or loser. No victors no vanquish. So they should all work together for the good of the organization.