What is your appraisal of ANLCA in one year under Tony Iju?

 Francis Omotosho (ANLCA Member)

The Association under Tony Nwabunike in the last one year has witnessed a serious storm; which if not properly managed will eventually sink the spirit of unity among its members. But for the sake of the very elect and those who meant good for the association, his tenure may weather the storm successfully. There is only one instrument for lasting and sustainable resolution to weather this storm and that is the spirit of forgiveness. Once those in the centre stage of the storm can imbibe the spirit of forgiving each other, and let the general interest of the association override their personal interests and egos and turn down the spirit of winner takes it all, then there will be peace and calmness and as such the association can move forward; anything short of this cannot bring lasting solution to the unnecessary crisis that is lingering amongst the members of the great association. There is no doubt that any human being that is faced with this kind of challenges would not be able to progress as he ought to be. But all the gladiators including Mr. President and his team at the centre stage of this wheel of barricade should know that there are other people's destiny and mandates that are at stake as members of the association. 

Gani Adeola (ANLCA Member at PTML)

The Tony Iju administration of ANLCA has been doing well, considering all the challenges they are facing in the hands of the former president, Prince Olayiwola Shittu and his underground team working against Tony. Meanwhile, the Nigeria customs officers are taking advantage of this broken home, including the shipping companies and terminal operators to frustrate ANLCA members in carrying out their business. For Tony Iju to have remained in office till now is by the Grace of God, and for him to be having the National Vice President in the person of  Dr Kayode Farinto and the National Secretary Babatunde Mukaila, they have achieved so greatly . 

Pius Ujubonu (ANLCA Member)

The association may have had a bumpy start, but I trust that in the course of time, they may find the path to honor and glory. This could only happen when the wishes  of the mischievous and sycophants are separated from dispassionate suggestions and selfless counsels. For now, I think it is too early to have an appreciable assessment and pristine results so to say.  

Frank Aliakor (ANLCA Member, Apapa Chapter)

The association has been characterized by a lot of problems, ranging from court cases, insubordination, balkanization of the association due to lack of cohesion, understanding and respect to one and another and also the political inclination of the president, which caused some divided attention in handling the affairs of the association because, you cannot jump across the river with two legs. So, the association has not fared well, but if Tony Iju can bring the warring groups together and make peace, all will go well.

Godwin Soleji (ANLCA KLT) 

Of course, under this administration they have not achieved anything within the period under review; there have been crisis upon crisis. I have not experienced these things in the association before; there is nothing to write home about for the association in this past one year. There is nothing Tony Iju can do than to first make room for peace to reign in the association, before he can achieve anything, in as much as there are still crises, he can’t achieve anything. The first thing he should do is to resolve the crisis, he should come down and be objective and say the truth and resolve the whole issues in ANLCA as a president. If he says he is the president he needs to take up some responsibilities and make sure he brings peace. After making peace, he should ensure all the aggrieved parties come together and speak with one voice. The industry is suffering a lot as a result of this ANLCA crisis because they are the only body that can fight the cause of the agents. 

Prince Oyeko Theophillus (ANLCA, Airport chapter) 

Tony Iju has tried his best, but he still has some areas that he has to look into. Like the electoral body of the association, the way they are performing their duties is not acceptable and it has not happened in the history of ANLCA before.  Before now, the chairman ought to have started preparing for the election into the chapter chairmen, but now, they have been on it since last year and nothing is coming out of it. Then the welfare of the members also has to be considered. The way Tony Iju is working now, he recently met with the customs and he is trying in that aspect. He also has to look at the delivery of containers at the ports, because the shipping companies and terminal operators are holding the agents to ransom.