What is your appraisalof Dr Dakuku Petersideas DG Of NIMASA in the last two years?

Captain Tajudeen Alao (Master Mariner)

Two years of the DG of NIMASA, the last one year have been productive to me and not the initial one year, the road map, hosting of stakeholders, there are many land mark progresses that have come up in the last year in the office.Also the promotion of the staff is a good moral boaster for the industry, but this golden handshake; this money you are throwing about is not good. Somebody will just stake idea for years and you will give him money to take. The housing low scheme and all that are commendable not giving out money anyhow. Some people’s gratuity is not up to what you give people for long service award.


Capt Taiwo Akinpelumi (NISA)

Unfortunately, I am going to base my assessment of Dakuku’s two years in office on the imports in the industry. The issue remains that the industry is in comatose now. Apart from the fact that our indigenous shipping is not being developed, the unfortunate aspect of this Nigerian seafarers Development Programme (NSDP) which though iIwill say is a laudable initiative, but the way it is being implemented is not the way it should be. Dakuku came into office in March 2016, I have not seen any visible things on ground to actually suggest that we are doing well.


Dr Boniface Aniebonan (NAGAFF)

From all that I am hearing, I think he is working very hard. He should continue to do his job which is enshrined in the constitution in full collaboration with the Nigerian Navy. But I think a lot has to be done, especially trying to explore areas in the South East ports so that these channels will also be utilized. 

Samson Chima (Registrar NIS) 

Dakuku is showing a sense of professionalism. I like his administration and his resilience in moving the maritime industry forward. I know there will be ups and downs but I like his style. I believe he will achieve more if given the opportunity to serve his tenure properly.However, I still believe that much has to be done by him but we need to look properly into the provisions of the NIMASA Act in the area of Ship Building and repairs which is dominated by foreigners. Our Seafarers are not employed due to lack of vessels. Vessels that dominates the cabotage trade are foreign owned. Indigenous ownership of vessels will boost employment in the sector. My take is that DG needs to put more effort towards Cabotage trade so that the initial dream will be achieved. 

Jean Chinazo Anishere (National President, WIMA Nigeria)

Dakuku Peterside's swift learning and knowledge of our industry, from a zero background in maritime, can only be attributable to a Harvard University product, which he is, proudly. Within 2 years, the administration aspect of the Agency with brilliant incentive package for the Agency staff is commendable. I also applaud his style of rebranding the Agency, with a view to channeling his focus to what the Agency should do, to align itself with international best practices and standard. In two years, in such "turbulent" terrain in our Country, and for such a gigantic and tumultuous Agency, Dr. Dakuku Peterside should be allowed to sail the affairs of the Agency to attain the status he forecast recently. I salute his efforts and I say, "ahoy"!


Emeka Akabogu (Maritime Lawyer )

NIMASA in the last two years has been making efforts to reposition, it has done well in some ways but it still has a long way to go. I think it is more important to focus on the indices that develop the port and we have not seen enough effort in the true indices of industry development, one of which is tonnage development, so, I want to see and judge based on practical indices which are on ground and not on broad grandiose statement. What is the volume and of tonnage which existed in 2016 compared to today? Am talking of Nigerian tonnage, To what extent have Nigerian shipowners become more active in Cabotage trade? to what extent can it be said that seafarers who are currently onboard Nigerian vessels and support vessels are being treated in line with the provisions of the MLC 2006?Have we increased capacity in ship building? Do we have more ship yards or the existing ship yards are being operated better today than they were in the past?

 Francis Omotosho (Shipping Consultant)

Dakuku Peterside came to the maritime industry not as a maritime professional, but today he is broader and well equipped with the intricacies involved in the maritime industry. The icon shows that he can learn fast and truly he did.  His administration for two years now, has been working very hard to prove his worth to the maritime industry. Although he is a lucky man because he is surrounded by loyal, seasoned and experienced direct subordinates;  they will not compromise standards and misuse the finance. His regime so far, for two years now is still on the right track and highly commendable. Notwithstanding, maritime professionals are still on the watch to see any thing contrary or if he would derail from this track of uprightness.