‘I Know Nothing About Attack On ANLCA Secretariat’—ANLCA BOT Scribe

The embattled Secretary of the Board of Trustee (BoT) of the Association of Nigeria License Customs Agents (ANLCA) Prince Taiye Oyeniyi has distanced himself from the recent attack on the association’s secretariat.

Some insider sources have alleged that the attack was sponsored by the embattled Board of Trustees members who have been battling with the National Executive Committee Members (NECOM) of the association.

One of the sources specifically alleged that the attack was sponsored by the Prince Taiye Oyeniyi.

However, reacting to the allegation, in a recent chat with our correspondent, the embattled Oyeniyi distanced himself from the attack, stating that the BOT are the landlords and the landlords have nothing to gain in destroying their properties.

He warned the President of the association; Mr Tony Nwabunike to obey court orders or risk jail term.

 Defending himself he said, “if we have gone to court, and have written to Abuja, and as well petitioned Lagos State Government and have done what we are supposed to do, we didn’t burgle the secretariat since two and half years that we have been fighting, why should we burgle it now?

“All the letters we have written since their violation of the court order are with me, a letter to the Inspector General of Police; a copy is with me, the letter to the Chief Whip is with me and the Commissioner of Police is with me, so if they cannot have their way if anything happens, they will say it’s the board. I don’t need to join issues with anybody, the association made me what I am, and the secretariat they are talking about the original document is with the board chairman, we are the landlords; they are the tenants, so why would a landlord destroy his property?

“As far as I am concerned, nobody has called any one of us to come and write any statement, so because they saw me at Festac when they (the hoodlums) were arrested, they made a call and we found out to know exactly what happened.

As the secretary of the board, if there is trouble anywhere even at Port Harcourt or Abuja you will see me there because my role is to make sure that there is peace in the association, so if anybody has any issue with the allegation, they should approach the court of law”  

Oyeniyi also denied the allegation by the President of the association that he demanded the sum of N1 million from him, as baseless and unfounded

“When they call for peace meeting, Iju(ANLCA President) said because  they wanted me to support him, that I demanded for N1 million every month and the police asked him how much he has paid me for almost three years now, he said nothing, so they were accusing the policeman that the police is taking sides. it’s one thing to make allegation, the other is to justify it,

“How can you open your mouth as ANLCA President which I supervised your election; I was the one that wrote a report about the election before he was given the certificate, including Taiwo Mustapha and Denca services.

“And to start with, all the board members are people of repute, Ernest Elochukwu is a billionaire, Denca services is the number one agent in the federation, Taiwo Mustapha has a bonded terminal, he is a big man and Tayo Azeez is the owner of a very big hotel and I have factory as well where I produce.

“So whatever anybody is saying is just out of point, so how on earth will you expect us to descend so low by attacking the secretariat.

“If you have seen our advert in the Punch, is it wrong, if the court has removed them, why do they refused to go, If care is not taken, Tony Iju may end up in Kirikiri, so when we have a good case, why do we need to go and fight to spoil the case” he said.