Yuletide: Customs Comptroller Reads Riot Act To Smugglers

The new Controller Federal Operations Unit (FOU), Zone C of the Nigeria Customs Service in Owerri, Mr Yusuf Lawal says the unit will go tough on smugglers during yuletide and beyond.

Lawal in a press statement signed by the unit Public Relations Officer, Mr Jerry Attah, made available to newsmen, warned smugglers to reframe from illegal business or face severe punishment if arrested.

“The forthcoming yuletide and beyond will be tough for smugglers in the combined 11 states under the zone.

“We will continue to act tough against smugglers and get them arrested and seize their wares,” he said.

Lawal urged business men under the zone to be compliant with the rules in their dealings, adding that the unit would not spare defaulters.

He said the activities of smugglers were clear sabotage to Nigerian economy, adding that the unit would continue to help the country’s economy to grow.

He called on sister agencies to continue to synergise with the unit in tackling activities of smugglers.

Lawal took over from his predecessor, Mr Kayode Olusemire on Monday with assurances to sustain his legacy.