Jan. 8, 2021: Livestock carrier fire, Tuzla, Turkey 

Fire erupted on board of, reportedly, livestock carrier Bashar One Transport,docked at Tuzla Shiprepair Yard, Turkey, at night Jan 7 or during the night Jan 7-8. Understood fire erupted in cargo compartments. Fire was extinguished by firefighters, one crew was injured and had to be hospitalized. Extent of damages unknown.

Jan 08, 2021: Fred Olsen’s Fast Ferry Aground, Canary Islands

Ferry BENTAGO EXPRESS, which is serving Santa Cruz de Tenerife with Agaete port, northwest coast of Gran Canaria island, ran aground at night Jan 7 at Agaete entrance on arrival from Santa Cruz de Tenerife with 59 passengers on board. Grounding was said to be caused by strong gust of wind in stormy weather conditions. As of 0600 UTC Jan 8, ferry was still aground, though refloating was expected to take place at around 0230 UTC. Underwater hull was surveyed and no breaches found.

Jan 05, 2021: Container Ship Suffered Water Ingress, Listed, Taken To Port, China

Container ship HUA MAO 369 issued distress signal on Jan 2 off Xiamen, while en route from Zhuhai to Shanghai. The ship suffered water ingress in cargo hold, developing list. Xiamen port authorities managed to take HUA MAO 369 in the evening same day, just in time to avoid possible grounding of listed ship with increased draft in low tide. She was berthed, all containers are to be offloaded, the ship is to be taken to Xiamen shipyard for repairs. Cause of water ingress yet unknown.

Jan 05, 2021: Fishing Vessel Adrift Deep In The Pacific, 10 Crew Missing

Contact was lost with Taiwanese longliner YONG YU SING NO 18 since Dec 30 in North Pacific northwest of Hawaii, on Jan 1 owner contacted Fisheries Bureau, Coast Guard, and the National Rescue Command Center (NRCC), asking for assistance. NRCC deployed US plane, on Jan 2 YONG YU SING NO 18 was spotted some 600 nm northeast of Midway island, adrift and seemingly, abandoned. Lifeboat is also missing, so probably, 10 crew left the vessel on a lifeboat. From the looks of her, she was damaged in collision, most likely during nighttime, crew might panic and abandon her. Search for missing crew continues.

Jan 03, 2021: Chinese Cargo Ship Sank On New Year Eve, 2 Dead 7 Missing

Cargo ship DINGHAOJI7 issued distress signal on Dec 30, reporting water ingress, flooded hold, and requesting assistance in Hangzhou Bay, south of Shanghai. The ship with 4700 tons of cement on board was en route from Wuhu to Xiamen. The ship sank, of 13 crew on board 4 were rescued, 2 found dead, and 7 went missing.