Truckers Allege Inadequate Equipment At APMT     

Truckers under the auspices of the West African Road Transport Owners (WARTO) have lamented frustration working with AP M Terminals in Apapa due to inadequate  cargo handling equipment at the terminal.

The President of the association, Mr. Aloga  Ogbobgo said this in a chat with Shipping Position Daily in Apapa last week.

“Terminal operators don’t have sufficient cargo lifting equipment. AP Moller will ask trucks to come to the ports and within a small period of time, you will hear them saying their computer has broken down, that there is no network”

“And the trucks are on the queue and you will shut down the trucks and say you are upploading containers into the vessels. So how can we talk about optimal operations in this peculiar circumstance?, he asked.

He appealed  to the government to ensure that holding bays are put in place at  all the terminals.

“Government knows what to do, they should do the needful and  get  truck holding bay and the stack containers, most of the traffic is because of containers. Government can do it, but they lack the political will. We keep repeating these things almost every time and nothing has been done in that regards”, he lamented.