Do You think the NPA e-call up will resolve the traffic situation in Apapa?

Stanley Ezenga (PRO NAGAFF)

The e-call up by the NPA is an innovation that will greatly reduce the Apapa traffic gridlock if handled the way they demonstrated.  However, the Lagos State Government has announced the restriction of articulated vehicles during the day. With this double barreled approach, definitely Apapa gridlock will be a thing of the past. But, we know about what happens with any new government agency's policies. Those who are made members of implementation committees see such appointments as gold mines or their turn to partake of the government cake at the detriment of the general public.  My fear is that this will not be like other interventions that were put in place to manage the Apapa traffic gridlock in the past. The mischief that this e-call up is set to cure is to rid Apapa of traffic congestion for easy and effective evacuation of cargo from the port. In as much as this will work, effort should be made to complete the unending mile 2 Tin can access road. This road is the main artery that feeds both Tin can and Apapa port. Completion of this road will greatly eliminate the Apapa traffic gridlock.

John Offorbike (Zonal Coordinator ANLCA Western Zone)

Whatever system they want to introduce, call it e-call up or Z-call up, until you kill corruption in the system, nothing will work , wait and see because some people have benefited so much from the corrupt system and they can do anything and go  to any length to make it fail wait, watch and you will say I told you .

Babatunde Mukaila (ANLCA National Secretary)

I am confident it will minimize the brazen corrupt practices by the security personnel and consequently help ease the tension on our port access road. All foreseeable bottlenecks are Nigerian factors that can be dealt with as they occur.

Adeyinka Bakare (President NAFFAC)

If properly manage, it should resolve the Apapa traffic and decongest the port, that’s our prayer

Ernest Nworie (Logistics expert)

The e- call is a new initiative and have not even started, so giving a verdict now to me will be wrong. Although, we have witnessed several mechanisms that have been put in place to help solve the traffic gridlock, however let’s keep hope alive that the e-call up will work and the traffic congestion will be resolved, how they intend to go about it, I really don’t have the details, but hopefully let’s pray it works out.

Abdullahi Inuwa (Truck Owner)

For the e- call up to be a success, it is important that shipping companies provide holding bays, with that if the shipping companies adhere then the e-call up can be a success, but without the holding bays it will be difficult for us to say the e-call up will be a success, the absence of the holding bays is a major issue.

Obinna Okafor (Clearing Agent)

The e- call up is a very good development, but the problem we are having in Nigeria is that people at the helms of affairs and  who are going to monitor this e-call up is  the issue; checks and balances will be the major problem , because the maritime industry is a multi-billion naira industry,  so people take advantage of opportunity of the position they find themselves, the e- call up is a very welcome innovation , but e- call up cannot only solve the problem, but infrastructure is a major problem.

Segun Oduntan (ANLCA) 

I believe NPA has good intention, but this will not resolve the traffic gridlock. We are waiting for the implementation proper